Dear NASCAR: Keep NASCAR American!

Darec EdwardsCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2008

I love NASCAR with the 180 mph turns, trading paint with one another, and of course, the crashes. But there is one thing I don’t like about NASCAR and that is the fact that we have foreign cars in our races. 


NASCAR, to me, has been the most American sport that I have encountered. 


I mean, what is more American than having American pure muscle racing in a track and crashing with a few occasional fist fights here and there. 


But having a foreign car company in our races in America, I just don't think that's right. 


What is the point? 


Last year team Toyota, which is based in Tokyo, Japan, could hardly muster up a top ten finish.  It is bad enough that our economy is in the slumps as it is now, but letting a foreign car manufacturer in NASCAR, come on! 


Our economy is weak because of all the pressure of foreign brands that are already taking many of the business away from our American manufactures. 


We don’t need more commercials for Toyota during Daytona, we don’t need more cars in Bristol, and we don’t need more twenty and thirty finishes from Toyota. 


NASCAR is derived from the good old south, back to the days when moonshine was made and basically established its own industry. After that, we had races on dirt tracks. 


Then we had the great 1979 fight between Donnie and Bobby Allison and Cale Yarbough. Then the tragic crash of Dale Earnhardt, and now we have the second year since Toyota’s introduction to the once pure and American NASCAR.


I don’t want Toyota a part of NASCAR’s history, nor a part of American sport history.