Luis Suarez: Looking at 5 of the Striker's Most Controversial Moments

Andrew Jordan@@Andrew_JordanSenior Writer IFebruary 12, 2012

Luis Suarez: Looking at 5 of the Striker's Most Controversial Moments

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    Luis Suarez is one of the most talented strikers in the Premier League. Since his move from Ajax last January, Suarez has become one of the most notable players for Liverpool and has been an influential member of a squad that is trying to finish fourth in the league.

    Yet Suarez has been a very controversial figure. So controversial that his great work and goal-scoring ability have been overshadowed due to his bad behavior.

    During Saturday's Premier League loss to Manchester United, Suarez refused to shake Patrice Evra's hand after Suarez racially abused him during their prior Premier League encounter in October.

    This incident has been played out in the media throughout the past day, with people like Sir Alex Ferguson saying that Suarez should never again play for Liverpool.

    In light of the handshake snub, here are some of Suarez's most controversial moments:

Suarez Handles a Game-Winning Goal for Ghana

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    In what was probably the most memorable match of the 2010 World Cup, Uruguay and Ghana played a fantastic quarterfinal that was destined for penalties.

    During the final moments of the match, Ghana crowded the penalty area when Suarez handled a header off the goal line. Suarez was subsequently sent off for his actions.

    On the resulting penalty, Asamoah Gyan hit the crossbar with his shot, forcing a penalty shootout that Uruguay won 4-2.

    Due in part to Suarez's actions, Ghana was unable to win the match, and Suarez was responsible for Africa's World Cup dream dying.

    After Uruguay's win, Suarez said that "the 'Hand Of God' now belongs to me." Bragging about these actions was just a preview of some of Suarez's future antics.

Suarez Bites Otman Bakkal's Shoulder

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    After the World Cup, Suarez returned to Ajax to play for about half a year before his move to Liverpool. Yet Suarez still left a memorable imprint in the Netherlands.

    In an Eredivisie match against PSV, Suarez took a bite into Otman Bakkal's shoulder. Suarez was immediately suspended and was only able to make one more appearance with the club before leaving for Liverpool.

Suarez vs. Evra: Round 1

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    It was the first matchup between Liverpool and Manchester United during the 2011-12 Premier League season, yet the lasting impact of the match was not Liverpool's strong play or Chicharito's late tying goal.

    Instead, the match is remembered for an incident between Patrice Evra and Suarez where Suarez said something that angered Evra.

    After the match, news broke that the FA was looking into the incident, and it was announced in December that Suarez was going to get an eight-match suspension for his actions in October.

Suarez Inappropriately Salutes Fulham's Fans

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    Right before Suarez was going to get charged with abusing Evra, the Uruguayan played a match at Craven Cottage, which Liverpool lost 1-0.

    Towards the end of the match, Suarez was caught giving an obscene gesture to the crowd.

    Due to his actions, Suarez was suspended for Liverpool's match at Newcastle United.

Suarez Refuses to Shake Evra's Hand

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    This was Suarez's first league start since his suspension, and in the day's leading up to this encounter, Kenny Dalglish tried to make it appear that this was going to be like any other match.

    Dalglish said that Suarez was going to shake Evra's hand before the match. Yet that didn't happen, with Suarez snubbing Evra before Rio Ferdinand decided to snub Suarez's shake.

    The snub clearly impacted Evra, who nearly injured Ferdinand in the opening stages of the match. After United won 2-1, Evra celebrated in front of Suarez before officials moved the two away.

    Suarez has since apologized for his actions

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