Tony Parker: A Real MC?

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2008

Last season's finals MVP, Tony Parker just came back from an ankle injury. But the Spurs point guard has another career on the side.

Tony P, his very original MC name, created the surprise hit of last summer in France, when he released an album that topping the French charts—probably thanks to his many teenage fans.

However, Parker has declared that while injured, he focused on resting, and mentioned that he did not have any plans to record another album. 

Strange, for a guy who came into the rap game claiming he was a real MC and that he loved rapping as much as playing basketball. When critics questioned his album—which by the way, was a lyrical catastrophe—Tony P emphasized consistency, and that it was just his first album, predicting his flow will get better with time.

Tony P raps in French, although his English is perfect (his dad is American). But with lyrics like "I dunk on your head" we understand why. Imagine fellow MC/Baller, Shaq (who was a terrible rapper as well) hearing something like that, Tony Parker would be subjected to a lot of dissing. 

So, Tony, why don't you be honest with us and tell us the reason you released this album was to get more money, and try to get some French street cred?

Turns out, he actually lost his street cred, because real rappers already loved Tony Parker for what he was doing on the court. Now they are just joking about his flow-less rap. And as for the money, well I for one don't think he needed more.

Let's just hope this was a mistake, that Tony Parker will never rap again, and only focus his talent on playing amazing basketball.

And if he wants to rap, well Eva can still listen to him, I heard she is already desperate.


(to see Tony P rapping check out my media center)