David Feherty and the 10 Most Unique Personalities in Sports

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterFebruary 16, 2012

David Feherty and the 10 Most Unique Personalities in Sports

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    The world of professional sports definitely has far more than its share of fascinating, head-line grabbing characters. Which is fantastic—isn't that why we tune in night after night?  

    Although, it remains a mystery whether or not those personalities are created by the unique circumstances that surround a professional athlete, or if they simply naturally possess the type of personality that is drawn to the profession. 

    Whatever the reasons are, there is no shortage of unique personalities, like PGA Tour commentator David Feherty, in professional sports. Here are the top 10 most unique personalities in sports today. 

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David Feherty, PGA Tour Broadcaster

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    Despite a well documented long-term struggle with depression and alcoholism, former PGA golfer David Feherty has forged a successful career in broadcasting since retiring from the game in 1997. 

    Many people in sports go through great pains to separate their politics from their professional life, but Feherty is like the famed honeybadger—he don't care. 

    Feherty hasn't shied away from expressing his political views publicly and has even called out some of Washington's most prominent leaders by name. 

Shaquille O'Neal, NBA Analyst

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    Recently retired superstar Shaquille O'Neal is one of the greatest players in NBA history. He's also one of the most outspoken, entertaining showmen in entirety of sports history.

    Shaq's feud with Kobe, his ill-fated acting career, his even iller-fated rap career and his uncanny ability to speak biting, entertaining sound bites made him one of the most buzzed about players in history. 

Félix Hernández, Seattle Mariners

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    In what might be becoming the weirdest trend in professional sports, Mariners pitcher Félix Hernández wasted no time in introducing his alter ego, "Larry Bernandez," to fans during his rookie season with the club. 

    Larry quickly became a fan favorite in Seattle—becoming more recognizable than Hernández himself. In fact, In late summer 2011, the Mariners actually gave away Larry Bernandez bobbleheads at a game instead of an actual player. 

Darnell Dockett, Arizona Cardinals

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    Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett is well known for having one of the most colorful Twitter accounts in the NFL and for accepting money to shower live on the Internet. 

    His Twitter account became officially newsworthy in June 2011, when Dockett's live tweet-by-tweet encounter with local law enforcement became a nationally reported story. 

    Just three weeks after his run-in with the fuzz, Dockett tweeted a photo of the newest addition to his family—an already relatively large alligator named Nino. 

Mario Balotelli, Manchester City

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    There's no denying that Manchester United striker Mario Balotelli is a talented young footballer, but it's usually not his performance on the pitch that captures attention and grabs headlines. 

    He's only 21-years-old, but Balotelli's off-the-field shenanigans are already legendary. Recent incidents include: Driving into a women's prison in Italy, throwing darts at a teammate as a "prank," breaking team curfew, and setting off fireworks inside his own home. 

    In 2010, Balotelli was involved in a car crash and when the police officers asked him why he was carrying £5000 in cash at the time, Balotelli replied simply: "Because I am rich." Ha. 

Ozzie Guillén, Miami Marlins

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    Ozzie Guillén played 15 seasons in MLB, but it's his post-retirement coaching career that will likely define his legacy in the game. After retiring as a player in 2000, Guillén coached three seasons before being hired to manage the White Sox—the team he played for most of his career. 

    Since leading the White Sox to their first World Series victory in almost a century in 2005, Guillén has become one of the most notoriously outspoken, recklessly unfiltered and overtly confrontational personalities in sports history. 

Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings

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    Vikings defensive end Jared Allen is one of the most talented defenders in the NFL—he's also one of the most unusual, hilarious and entertaining people in all of sports. 

    Outside the game, Allen is an avid hunter and even published his own meat-heavy cookbook in 2010. As a child Allen competed in various rodeo events, and has said he plans to return to the rodeo after retiring from the NFL. 

    Today he's well known for his charitable endeavors, but early in his career, Allen was best known for his drinking—he was arrested three times for DUI between 2002 and 2006. 

Metta World Peace, Los Angeles Lakers

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    Lakers forward Metta World Peace, the baller formerly known as Ron Artest, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters in the NBA—a league that is know for its big men, and bigger personalities. 

    In his early playing days, M.W. Peace was knowns as combative, hard-partying player with a short fuse and a long list of legal woes.

    After landing in Los Angeles, M.W. Peace has slowly transformed from the violent loose cannon he once was, to the eccentric, but infinitely more likable, character we know today. 

Dick Vitale, Basketball Broadcaster

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    Legendary broadcaster Dick Vitale is one of the most popular and entertaining people in the sports media. Vitale is best known for his unbridled enthusiasm and penchant for colorful, sometimes completely offhanded, remarks. 

    Vitale is a true original—awesome baby! 

Nyjer Morgan, Milwaukee Brewers

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    Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan is one of the most volatile, unpredictable personalities in MLB—although he's not nearly the troublemaker his alter-ego "Tony Plush" is. 

    You really never know what you're going to get from Morgan—often he comes across as an affable, albeit eccentric, character with a unique brand of harmless fun. 

    But then there's the other times. Nyjer has been involves in altercations with fans, in-game brawls and in late 2011, he made headlines when he dropped the F-bomb on live television while celebrating a playoff victory.