Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Reasons to Be Excited About Trevor May

Joe IannelloAnalyst IIIFebruary 13, 2012

Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Reasons to Be Excited About Trevor May

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    ESPN's Keith Law recently released his top 100 prospects in baseball and former fourth-round pick Trevor May was the lone Phillie to appear on the list. May appeared on this well-regarded list last year at No. 93 and jumped to No. 76 this year.

    I would suggest that other Philadelphia Phillies fans steer clear of the list as it features a number of former Phillies that were traded away to acquire the likes of Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Pence. Travis D’Arnaud came in at No. 6, while Jon Singleton was in the top 50,

    Anthony Gose and Jarred Cosart also made the cut. With the Phillies getting older, it becomes imperative that they continue to groom younger (cheaper) players who can make an impact at the major league level.

    Vance Worley, Michael Schwimer, Phillippe Aumont, Michael Stutes and Domonic Brown all are reasons to remain optimistic, but Trevor May has top of the rotation potential, and that doesn't come around often.

    May is only 22 and here are just five reasons to be excited about the young righty.

5. Baseball World Is Excited so Why Aren't You?

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    Trevor May jumped up 17 spots in Keith Law's ranking of top 100 prospects this season, but that's not the only place. Baseball America ranked May as the top prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies organization, a huge honor to say the least.

    Baseball America also projects May to be the team's fourth starter by 2015 along with Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Worley. Scouts want to see improvement with their early-round draft picks, and that is what May continues to do.

    He was the Phillies 28th ranked prospect in 2009 and jumped all the way to fifth in 2010. Some of the most well-regarded scouting agencies in the country love the adjustments that May has made (which we will get into later) and Phuture Phillies sums it up best talking about his upside:

    "Despite his hiccup in 2010, May possesses excellent upside, rivaled only by fellow righties Brody Colvin and Jarred Cosart. He has the ideal build for a starting pitcher, with a frame that should lend itself to durability and a power fastball. He is still a bit raw, but has the capability of becoming a solid front of the rotation starter, capable of 200+ innings a year with plenty of strikeouts. Unless his secondary pitches and control improve significantly, he does not look like a true ace, but he’ll be fine as a middle of the rotation arm."

    If there is one thing we have learned from the Phillies during their reign as beasts of the NL East, it's that pitching wins championships, and you can never have enough.

4. Tools and Frame Are Prototypical

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    The Philadelphia Phillies liked what they saw in Trevor May when they were scouting him as an 18-year-old senior from Washington. May was 6'3" with a size 16 shoe who certainly had the frame to get bigger and stronger.

    Well, May is now 6'5" and 215 lbs, and his increased muscle mass has improved the velocity on his fastball to 91-94 with May, on occasion, dialing it up to 96. May has the type of frame that scouts across MLB love.

    He is big and strong and will continue to add muscle as he matures. His work-horse type of frame will hopefully keep the big guy healthy so he can continue to make huge strides again in 2012.

    He has good mechanics and has shown the ability to continually repeat his delivery, something that is hard to find with youngsters.

    Getting excited yet Phillies Nation?

3. Swing and a Miss Stuff

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    Trevor May is not a guy right now that will hit 95 mph on the radar gun, but that doesn't mean that scouts aren't drooling over his strike-out potential.

    He has shown the ability in his young career to hit both sides of the plate with his fastball, and his curveball has the potential to be above-average.

    His changeup has greatly improved since he has become a professional, but May still has troubling controlling it at times. May averaged one K per every three batters faced in 2011, amassing an eye-popping 208 K's in 151.1 IP.

    Even with May pitching high in the zone at times, opponents BA against was just .221 in 2012. He has great general mechanics so his off-speed pitches should continue to improve.

    If that happens, (like many think it will) May could be scary good.

2. Durable, Durable, Durable

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    It was mentioned earlier that the Philadelphia Phillies were intrigued with Trevor May because of his size and strength, and early on, that has paid dividends. May has not had any (significant) injuries to date, and the Phillies have been managing his work-load early on.

    The team has continued to up his innings each season, and he looks to be a guy who will pitch 200-plus innings for many seasons to come. Good mechanics, a big strong build and a cautious approach in the early stages of his career hopefully transition to a long one in Phillies red.

    I am a superstitious guy, so I'm knocking on wood as I type this.

1. Learn from the Best

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    Anticipation and excitement continues to be at an all-time high in the City of Philadelphia.

    The defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals lost their best player (and offense) in Albert Pujols, and the Milwaukee Brewers must live without Prince Fielder and reigning MVP Ryan Braun for 50 games.

    Regardless of what the national media tries to spin your way about the improvements of teams in the NL East, the Phillies are still the class of the division and the National League as well.They have been built around their pitching, and they have three of the best starters in the world in Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee.

    Wouldn't you want to join the party if you were the top prospect in the organization? May should have all the confidence in the world after all the national accolades that have been thrown his way this offseason.

    Expect May to be a workout warrior and soak in as much as he can from the Phillies veterans in spring training.

    The words excitement and Philadelphia Phillies have gone hand in hand for years, and you can add Trevor May to that list as well.

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