Oh Canada!

Kenth AstromContributor IJanuary 5, 2009

Canada wins it's fifth consecutive gold!

I don't think you people across Canada really know how big this IS!—but

Tavares pulls his weight and Esposito shows the way!

The Swedes were no real threat since we managed to keep them to the outer perimeters, ever on their power plays.

Good job Team Canada, you really deserved this one!

But let me try to put things into perspective.

In what other friggin' tournament (or other world) do you Canadians think it is OK to run over the opposing goalie not once, but twice, three and four times?

You were lucky you played the "chicken swedes", or there would have been some serious blood on the ice.

Don't ever try that again. Ever.

Secondly, when are you Canadians going to stop trying to intimidate the officials? I mean—it worked real well here in Ottawa—but—isn't it getting old?

Third (and this might sound like sour grapes) but you Team Canada were unbelievably friggin' lucky.

You should have lost against the US (how many seconds before the penalty expired did he come in?!)

You really stood NO chance against Russia and the rest of that game was nothing but pure coincidence and luck! (And please don't claim anything else!). C'mon, 5 seconds to go.

But hey, I am the first to admit—a real good team IS lucky—so again, congratulations Team Canada, you deserved it!

And what else I admire in you—you never give up.

But we meet again some day.

Until then.