20 Past and Present Wrestling Superstars Fans Should Follow on Twitter

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IFebruary 11, 2012

20 Past and Present Wrestling Superstars Fans Should Follow on Twitter

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    Social media in 2012 has become a small, but important part in the business of professional wrestling. 

    Twitter, more specifically, is an excellent way for fans to be in the know when it comes to their favourite pro wrestlers and wrestling personalities. 

    Many pro wrestling superstars such as CM Punk, Chris Jericho and Hulk Hogan share their wisdom and thoughts on Twitter on a regular basis, which is an extra incentive for a fan to create an account. 

    Here, in no particular order, are 20 wrestling superstars, past and present, that wrestling fans should follow on Twitter.

Superstar Billy Graham

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    If there are fans out there who have a craving for some old-school flair, then Superstar Billy Graham is just what the doctor ordered. 

    Graham is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, and he interacts with his fans on a regular basis. 

    Graham’s persona and style were the inspiration for many WWE stars such as Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, and he's still talked about in the wrestling world to this day.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart

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    Bret Hart is one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, and he's an icon in his native country of Canada. 

    Hart shares his wisdom and his experiences with his followers on a regular basis, and he's a must for any Canadian wrestling fan who has ever seen his iconic wrestling prowess in the ring.

Paul Heyman

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    For the fans of hardcore wrestling and those that lived through the heyday of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Paul Heyman is an absolute must to follow on Twitter. 

    Heyman does not pull any punches, and he's always 100 percent no-nonsense when it comes to his opinions on the business of professional wrestling. 

    If fans want some uncut, unbiased tweets, go directly to Paul Heyman.

Chris Jericho

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    For fans who want a little taste of controversy, then look no further than Y2J, Chris Jericho. 

    He pushes the envelope on Twitter, blurring the line between kayfabe and real life frequently. 

    Jericho is constantly voicing his opinions and offers his unique perspective on various aspects of pro wrestling, as well as life in general. 

    Jericho is very interactive with his followers, which is another reason why fans should give him a follow.


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    For wrestling fans that were around during the heyday of World Championship Wrestling and the NWA, Sting is the superstar to follow on Twitter. 

    He is one of the greatest NWA and WCW superstars of all time, and he has earned his nickname “The Icon.” 

    He is very cordial with his followers and is a great source for fans of TNA Impact Wrestling.

Lance Storm

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    Another Canadian wrestling legend, Lance Storm has made his mark in professional wrestling, and he's a master technician in the ring. 

    Storm was an ECW original and has held more titles than one can count. 

    He is a class act when it comes to interacting with his followers on Twitter, and he answers fans' questions often.  Lance Storm is a must to follow.

Jim Cornette

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    For old-school wrestling fans, Jim Cornette should be on the list of who to follow on Twitter. 

    Cornette has one of the most brilliant minds in the business when it comes to the inner workings of professional wrestling, and he does not mince words at all. 

    For fans of Ring of Honor Wrestling, Cornette is a great source to get the scoop on what is going on in the world of ROH.

Eric Young

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    If fans want some hilarity and light-heartedness, then Eric Young is the right choice to follow on Twitter. 

    Young’s tweets are always good for a chuckle, and he does not break character just because it’s a social networking site. 

    Young is always interactive with his followers and posts on a regular basis. Eric Young should be followed immediately.

Percy Pringle III

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    For fans who may not know who Percy Pringle is, he was one of the greatest professional wrestling managers of all time. Paul Bearer, his character name, was the manager of WWE superstar The Undertaker for many years. 

    Pringle has taken to Twitter very comfortably, and he's always 100 percent respectful to his followers and fans. 

    Percy Pringle, without a doubt, deserves a follow for what he has done for pro wrestling.

Jay Lethal

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    For fans of Ring of Honor Wrestling, Jay Lethal should get a follow. 

    Lethal is one of the most charismatic and talented wrestlers today, and he's bringing ROH to the forefront of professional wrestling. 

    Lethal is highly active on Twitter, and he's always respectful to his followers and fans. 

    If fans want to know more about Jey Lethal, all they have to do is give him a follow.

Roddy Piper

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    One of the greatest talkers and superstars in professional wrestling, the “Hot Rod” Roddy Piper lets his “Rowdy” persona fly on Twitter. 

    He is very interactive and answers questions daily from his followers and fans. 

    For those wrestling fans that might not know who Roddy Piper was, then what better way to find out but to follow him on Twitter.

Shawn Michaels

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    When wrestling fans think of the WWE, they instantly think of the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. 

    Michaels has a very strong following on Twitter, and with good reason. 

    He is still very popular with wrestling fans and is sorely missed in the ring. 

    Michaels is nothing but himself with his followers, and he has the utmost respect for the fans that have followed him throughout his career in the WWE.

Jim Ross

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    The greatest announcer in professional wrestling, Jim Ross has earned the respect of wrestling fans for what he has given back to the business. 

    Ross is very active on Twitter, and he answers numerous questions from his followers and fans. 

    Not only does he speak about wrestling, but also college football and other various topics. 

    Jim Ross is a must for wrestling fans to follow on Twitter.

Gabe Sapolsky

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    For wrestling fans that also follow indy wrestling, then Gabe Sapolsky is your one-stop shop for independent wrestling. 

    Sapolsky worked in ECW as the spokesperson for the ECW Hotline and is a former booker for Ring of Honor Wrestling. 

    He is currently the vice president of Dragon Gate USA, a thriving independent promotion. 

    He hosts a Q&A session on Twitter frequently, and he's very active with his followers and fans.

Hulk Hogan

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    For fans that don’t know who Hulk Hogan is, one question should be asked: “Where have you been?” 

    Hogan is arguably the greatest professional wrestling superstar of all time and has a massive following on Twitter. 

    Hogan answers a lot of questions from his followers and fans and always shows the love he has for them. 

    Hogan is a great source for fans that want the latest scoops on TNA Impact Wrestling.

The Rock

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    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has over two million followers on Twitter, which is not a surprise considering that The Rock is an iconic figure in WWE history. 

    The Rock holds nothing back when it comes to his followers and his fans, and he holds nothing back when it comes to his WrestleMania XXVIII opponent John Cena, whom he has an intense loathing for. 

    The Rock is definitely worth following on Twitter.

CM Punk

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    CM Punk is known for throwing “pipe bombs” in the WWE, but he's also known for throwing bombs on Twitter. 

    CM Punk is one of the most controversial superstars in WWE history, and the controversy continues on the social media site. 

    Whatever CM Punk says on Twitter, it’s always worth reading, and wrestling fans need to hit that follow button to get Punk’s full wrath.

The Ultimate Warrior

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    One of the most unique and intense WWE superstars of all time, The Ultimate Warrior, now only known as Warrior, wages war against those who question his ideals on Twitter. 

    Warrior is very active, and he answers questions from his fans and followers on a regular basis. 

    He always has something interesting to say, and wrestling fans will not be disappointed if they give him a follow.

Lisa Marie Varon

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    Wrestling fans know her as Tara, currently working in TNA, and as Victoria, when she did her stint in the WWE. 

    Varon is always posting her thoughts on what is going on in her normal everyday life, which is a refreshing change from the tweets most wrestlers post regarding the business and nothing else. 

    She is always respectful to her followers and fans and answers questions frequently. 

    Wrestling fans should give this former Diva a follow. 

Diamond Dallas Page

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    For wrestling fans that want a change in their life, and not just talk about pro wrestling, then look no further than the former three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. 

    Page has helped a lot of people with his latest venture, DDP Yoga, which he’s quoted as saying: “It ain’t your momma’s yoga.”

    Page is very active on Twitter, and he is very responsive with answers to questions about DDP Yoga. 

    Give DDP a follow and get some “self high-five.”