10 Areas Where WWE Doesn't Get Enough Credit for Doing a Good Job

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIFebruary 11, 2012

10 Areas Where WWE Doesn't Get Enough Credit for Doing a Good Job

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    Many are not hesitant to criticize the WWE these days. Things like lack of roster depth and change from the "Attitude Era" to the "PG Era" have caused many fans to be angry with the company.

    There are certain things that the company has done right nowadays that go unrecognized or receive a lack of recognition.

    Here we will forget about the criticism and look at 10 areas where the WWE doesn't get enough credit for doing a good job.

1. Appeal to Young Crowd

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    Many older wrestling fans criticize the WWE's move to become a PG program. However, what this has done is help make wrestling more suited for a younger crowd.

    The WWE is appealing to more children, which could set the table for the future. Having younger fans could mean that the WWE would solidify their support in the future.

    Also, professional wrestling could be seen as more attractive to children and the younger crowd, so the WWE has tried to get the majority of their fans from that.

2. Developing Young Talent

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    Lately the WWE is being led by new faces. Wrestlers like Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder have not been with the company very long but are at the top of the business right now.

    Recently, the company has seen older wrestlers retire, leave the company and have smaller roles. In response, the WWE is developing new and young wrestlers into the new superstars of the company.

3. Utilize Veterans

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    There are certain veterans who are still in the WWE that are still playing a significant role in the company. Their best years in the ring are behind them, yet they are still able to maintain popularity and hold their own.

    The WWE has been able to use wrestlers like Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane and Christian to help develop young talent. These veterans have also been atop the company and in the biggest storylines.

4. Incorporating Legends

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    The WWE has began incorporating more legends and it has been successful and gotten a solid response from the crowd. Legends have returned part time and have played a pretty significant role.

    The Rock has returned and is headlining WrestleMania 28 in a match against John Cena. This match is one of the most anticipated matches and has been promoted as the greatest match ever.

    Other wrestlers that have returned and been apart of storylines include Mick Foley, Kevin Nash and Goldust. 

5. Social Media

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    We are living in a world that is centered around social media. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming a necessity to survive. 

    The WWE mentions these social media services every week and continues to trend on them.

6. Surprises

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    The WWE is known to surprise its fans. However, they do not get enough credit for it. 

    Some examples of recent surprises that shocked the WWE Universe are: the return of John Cena at the 2008 Royal Rumble, the Rock hosting WrestleMania 27 and Brodus Clay's return with the Funkasaurus gimmick.

7. Consistency

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    The WWE does not take any breaks. Monday Night Raw is on every single Monday and Friday Night SmackDown is on every Friday. 

    People can say whatever they want about professional wrestling being "fake." But the company and wrestlers don't have an offseason and work all year round.

8. Taking Risks

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    The WWE storylines have been known to change at the drop of a hat. After having something in place, the creative team makes decisions and changes, which is very risky.

    These risks sometimes turn into successful angles. We saw this in this year's Royal Rumble when the WWE went with Sheamus to win after originally going with Chris Jericho. This helped create shock and kept fans guessing.

9. Worldwide

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    The WWE not only does a good job of being popular, promoting and performing all over the Unites States, it also is spread around all over the world.

    Throughout the year, the WWE's programs (Raw and SmackDown) are held in countries like Ireland and England.

    The WWE also does the Tribute to the Troops segment overseas in Iraq.

10. Out of the Ring Contributions

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    Not only does the WWE appeal to youth, but they also contribute to organizations like the Make a Wish Foundation.

    John Cena plays a huge role in the Make a Wish Foundation, which can be seen in "The John Cena Experience." WWE wrestlers have very busy schedules and travel around the world. However, they give a lot of their time to charities and it is not recognized enough.