10 Stadiums You Can't Wear an Away Jersey To

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10 Stadiums You Can't Wear an Away Jersey To

We may roll our eyes and shake our heads when opposing fans throw barbs (or rocks) at one another. It's just a game, we tell ourselves. It's really not that serious. 

But honestly, who hasn't felt that powerful sense of pride when his college team wins, when his country earns a gold, when his hometown team brings back the big trophy?

Who hasn't smoldered when the opposing fans chant "safety school" or when that cocky receiver for the other team does his taunting celebration dance?

And who, after his rival team lost a big game, hasn't Googled that rival's hometown newspaper to revel in the misery of opposing fans?

No, readers, for many it's not just a game. 

It's war.

And like any war, crossing enemy lines is risky.

Heading to the enemy's mother ship (read: stadium) without attempting to blend in (read: strip yourself of your team's jersey and cap), well, can be lethal.

Click on to see 10 stadiums which you should never wear an away jersey to.

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