Why Marouane Chamakh Is Arsenal's Most Disappointing Player This Season

Mikhail TurnerContributor IIIFebruary 9, 2012

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 09:  Marouane Chamakh of Arsenal runs with the ball during the FA Cup Third Round match between Arsenal and Leeds United at the Emirates Stadium on January 9, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)
Clive Mason/Getty Images

This debate would always boil down to two people. Marouane Chamakh and Andrei Arshavin. It's annoying to think that Arsenal's attack could be that much more potent with the two players in decent form.

While the team has one forward, who is also the captain, leading the line with exemplary fashion and two wingers who are hit and miss in front of goal, Arsenal is missing the experience and skill of two of its most senior players.

Chamakh's lack of confidence, lack of production and the seeming decrease in Wenger's trust make him the most disappointing player in Arsenal's season so far.

First off, let's look at this. While there is much more competition in Andrei Arshavin's position, Marouane Chamakh's disappearance has left Arsenal in a risky situation up front.

Thankfully, Robin van Persie has maintained the greatest level of fitness we have seen from the player in a while, but Chamakh was/is supposed to be his main competition and backup.

His awful play has produced two things. Van Persie has had to play a great number of games, therefore increasing the risk of injury, and Wenger had to rummage through the French box in the attic to find his old Thierry Henry action figure.

If the fact that a former club great has come out of semi-retirement in the MLS to help the squad is not a testament to your failure, then I don't know what is.

You may bring up the absence of Chu Young Park in all this, but that is all on Wenger in my opinion.

I mean, how exactly do you bring in a 26-year-old international who is also experienced in France and barely play him through half a season? That can be left for another time, but for Park's sake, I hope he leaves.

Back to Chamakh. His lack of confidence is obvious and makes his awkward-looking self even more odd with his indecision. His productivity is ridiculously atrocious as well.

Only one goal and one assist in 15 games. The lack of game time is a product of Van Persie's wonderful form and Wenger's reluctance to play the Moroccan.

Though Arshavin heard boos in the Manchester United game, and he is by no means safe from criticism, his case is much easier.

For whatever reason Arshavin looks more likelier to score, and Wenger seems to believe this. Arshavin has played in 11 more games than Chamakh and come up with two goals and three assists in the process.

These aren't the greatest statistics, but he is playing on the wing. Arshavin's previous form also justifies Wenger's decision to trust him.

Last season, Arshavin had 10 goals and 17 assists even though his never looked the sharpest. Chamakh had 11 goals and five assists, but as you will remember, all that production was gone when Van Persie returned.

When a top player should be thriving on the competition for spots within a team, Chamakh seems to shrink. Arshavin doesn't necessarily rise to the challenge but he still gets something done.

Chamakh is by far the most disappointing player this season. His time at the African Cup of Nations didn't seem to help as he couldn't conjure up any goals there either.

Whether or not he finds back some form is up to the Moroccan, but if he doesn't and all the transfer rumours ring true, he may not be an Arsenal player much longer.