NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings to Seattle Won't Fill Hole in Seattle's Heart

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NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings to Seattle Won't Fill Hole in Seattle's Heart
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There have been a lot of rumors, reported here by The Sacramento Bee, swirling around that Seattle has a good chance at getting the Sacramento Kings in 2013.

Even if it happens, it won't be enough to make the memories go away.

We, as Seattle fans, know very well what it's like to get "robbed," and we would never want to see another city go through the heartbreak that Seattle fans had to experience.

We would almost feel guilty if we took another city's team, because over the last few years we have been complaining non-stop that Oklahoma City "robbed" us of our team.  It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Even if we did manage to get the Kings to move here, it just wouldn't be easy to root for a team that isn't our old, beloved Sonics.

In order for the fanbase to truly get behind a franchise, it would have to be an expansion franchise.  This way, you can follow the team from the very beginning and feel like you grew up with the team.

Oh sure the first few years might be rough, but when you finally get that NBA championship, you will feel so proud for the team.

If the Kings moved here and won a championship, it wouldn't be the same because it'd be hard to develop an emotional connection with the team.  You can get that emotional connection with an expansion team.

An expansion team is what you want as a Seattle sports fan, even though it probably won't happen because it would make the conferences uneven.

Sadly, basketball will simply never be the same in the Northwest because of the team's move to OKC.  It's that feeling of what could've been that drives us nuts.

Every time you see OKC taking on Miami or Boston in a primetime spot on TV, you get a little bit upset because you know that it could've been Seattle vs. Miami in a primetime spot.

The Seattle Supersonics would be socially relevant in the NBA. 

Basketball in Seattle will never be the same, and we very well may never recover from the day we lost the most historic team in Seattle sports.

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