Chicago Blackhawks: Why Blackhawks Fans Have Fallen in Love with Andrew Shaw

James MaahsContributor IIIMarch 24, 2017

CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 18:  Andrew Shaw #65 of the Chicago Blackhawks celebrates a first period goal against the Buffalo Sabres at the United Center on January 18, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Blackhawks fans have fallen head over heels and their sights are set on player by the name of Andrew Shaw.

Whether it be on the ice or in the Twitter universe, Shaw has become pretty popular around Chicago.

The Blackhawks current tough guy/grinder call-up has been demonstrating a high-intensity, no-mercy type of a game. This bodes well for a team that is in desperate need of some energy in the midst of its six-game losing streak.

But why have the Blackhawks faithful fallen hopelessly in love with this man? Maybe it was the first game in the NHL.

On Jan. 2, Shaw got into his first NHL fight with Zac Rinaldo in only his second shift on the ice. He needed stitches after he sustained a cut that started to bleed. But he would return later in the game to score his first NHL goal.

The tenacity, determination and gritty play of Andrew Shaw was evident in his first NHL game. Blackhawks fans love a player that can throw a punch, get hit, get back up and score a goal to help the team win. 

In recent days, that love affair has only grown as the Blackhawks are lacking much needed energy that Daniel Carcillo brought to the table. 

At 165 lbs and 5'11", Shaw will never be the biggest guy on the ice. But that doesn't deter him from dishing out hard hits and picking fights with players that take liberties on some of the Blackhawks' superstars.  

It's no secret why Blackhawks fans love a player with determination and grit. Success in hockey is built on those two characteristics—just look at Jonathan Toews.

But what adds to Andrew Shaw is his ability to score and fight. Not many hockey players have success in those two areas of the game, it's usually one or the other. Shaw has demonstrated his ability to be a complete hockey player.

Fans also see that Shaw is only 20 years of age, which means that his whole career is in front of him, the possibilities are endless at 20 years old with that much determination and grit.

The love affair might also be explained by the fact that he is mimicking Jeremy Roenick in his early days. A hard-checking forward with a scoring touch brings back good memories for fans everywhere.

Whatever it may be, it looks like Shaw is here to stay on this Blackhawks roster. With Carcillo injured and John Scott being a healthy scratch most nights, Shaw and Jamal Mayers are given the task of protecting the top players.