15 Coolest Future Sports

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15 Coolest Future Sports

The world, she is a'changin'.





And with these changes come new opportunities.

Experts predict affordable space tourism is just a few decades away.

Colonies on the moon and Mars may come soon after.

Invisibility. Bionics. Flying cars. All on their way.

Skeptical? Think it's just the stuff off sci-fi novels?

News flash: Most of our technology was imagined by artists before it was developed by scientists. Think of Isaac Asimov and robots. Think of Da Vinci and his air screw (aka helicopter), think of ear buds and Ray Bradbury's thimble radios from Farenheit 451.

To invent it, you have to dream it up first.

Readers, sports fans, click on for a glimpse at what humankind has dreamt up for the future of athletics.

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