Philadelphia 76ers: Can Lou Williams Will His Way to an All-Star Bid?

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Philadelphia 76ers:  Can Lou Williams Will His Way to an All-Star Bid?
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The 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando will have many new faces.

It is probably every player's dream to at least make an All-Star game throughout their playing career.

Being an All-Star is one of the greatest accomplishments while playing in the NBA, and selecting the All-Stars are easier said than done. There are so many factors when choosing twelve players to represent the Eastern and Western Conferences.

The bad thing about the All-Star game is that everyone cannot make it.

Out of those who make the All-Star game there is always one or two players that can easily be argued as being "snubbed" out of the game, and could just as simply replace one of the All-Stars that made the roster. 

This season the Philadelphia 76ers have been a surprise to some.

They boast an 18-7 record, and the Sixers are just as seemingly third in the Eastern Conference thus far in the season. Though the Sixers have one of the best records in the NBA there is no clear cut star on their team.

Since the NBA places so much on winning, I think that the 76ers deserve to have an All Star to represent their team.

Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday probably all have strong considerations of making the team, but I feel the nod should go to Lou Williams.

Williams is the spark on the 76ers to make them go.

"Lou Will" has become the closer of the 76ers (ask the Lakers about Williams) and has been playing great, overall basketball while only averaging around 25 minutes per game. Lou does not have eye-popping numbers, but is somehow still averaging 15.5 ppg as well as dishing out 3.7 assist a game.

His impact is far greater than numbers, and there are few other guards that can match up with the pure-scoring abilities of Williams. 

By the coaches having the "say-so" in selecting the reserves, I am pretty sure that many of the Eastern Conference Coaches are aware of what Williams brings to the table. Lou is in competition with a lot of all-star caliber guards in the Eastern Conference to make the roster this year, with the likes of: Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, Kyrie Irving, Ray Allen and Joe Johnson (all fighting for spots).

It will definitely be tough to crack the All-Star roster.

The problem lies with selection process because it simply is out of Lou's hands. Williams can only continue to play at a high level and hope to garner the coaches' votes within the conference.

If they don't recognize Williams's talent, then they are blind.

It would be great to see a well deserving Lou in the All-Star game, but sometimes, as basketball fans, we simply do not always get what we want.

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