Chicago Bulls: Ranking Comcast Announcer Stacey King's Nicknames and Phrases

Haddon Anderson@HaddonAndersonAnalyst IFebruary 8, 2012

Chicago Bulls: Ranking Comcast Announcer Stacey King's Nicknames and Phrases

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    During the Chicago Bulls first three championships in the early 1990s, Stacey King earned a reputation for being a hard-nosed, high-energy power forward.  

    Now, Stacey King is earning a reputation as an engaging commentator, covering Chicago's games with his own fresh style.

    Loyal Bulls fans are now coining "King-isms" left and right.  It's time to rank his wittiest nicknames and phrases.

8. "Here's Johnny!"

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    While point guard John Lucas contributes sparingly, Stacey King has sought to make the most of his contributions.

    "Here's Johnny!" is barked by King when Lucas checks into the game and promptly sinks a jumper.  

7. "The Masked Man"

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    Rip Hamilton's a new addition this season, and he's missed a handful of games due to a groin injury.

    However, he's been on the floor enough for King to label him as Chicago's "Masked Man." 

6. "Chicago's Finest Brewer"

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    This one appears to be growing in popularity.

    Ronnie Brewer's fast start, both offensively and defensively, has King iterating "Chicago's finest Brewer" in just about every game.  

5. "Lieutenant Deng"

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    This one also seems to get vocalized during each game.

    The beauty is that it perfectly fits Deng's style of play.  The "Lieutenant" works as hard as anybody and never complains.

4. "The White Mamba"

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    Stacey King's excitement over "the White Mamba" is riveting.  

    From the moment Brian Scalabrine checks into the game, King details all the moves of "the White Mamba"—defense, passing, shooting, screen-setting and more.

    Stacey King is all about "the White Mamba."

    And I believe I can speak for all of us fans: We're all about "the White Mamba" as well.

3. "Give Me the Hot Sauce!"

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    This King-ism exploded last year and has most likely forever changed Kyle Korver's public life.

    Korver probably can't go out to eat in Chicago without hearing "Give me the hot sauce!" yelped numerous times.

    Korver should thank Stacey for this.

2. "Asik and Destroy!"

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    Get used to hearing this on every one of Omer Asik's dunks.  

    If you're a Bulls fan, the chief excitement about Asik getting a dunk is to simply hear King scream "ASIK AND DESTROY!"

1. "Too Big, Too Fast, Too Strong, Too Good"

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    This has now become Derrick Rose's slogan.  

    When Derrick Rose takes a game over, King goes on a spiel about "the Windy City Assassin" and how he's "too big, too fast, too strong, too good."

    There are surely other King-isms.  If a good one comes to mind, list it in the comments section.

    Having an announcer like King is not only enjoyable to watch during games, but it also gives us fans a whole new vocabulary when we're discussing the latest Bulls news and performances.

    Stacey King is yet another reason to love the Chicago Bulls.