Fabio Capello: 5 Reasons England's Euro 2012 Hopes Are Now Gone

Conor QueenanContributor IIIFebruary 8, 2012

Fabio Capello: 5 Reasons England's Euro 2012 Hopes Are Now Gone

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    Four months before a major championship and England are without a captain and manager.

    Why can't the FA ever do anything professionally?

    They took from the captaincy from John Terry two years ago due to a private predicament. Then they essentially end the Chelsea captain's international career after undermining Capello by taking the armband away from Terry for a second time.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Whatever chance they had beforehand, England are now in red alert and will, barring a Lazarus-like recovery, fail at Euro 2012.

    Here are five reasons that England's Euro 2012 hopes are now in flames. 

No Manager Available with Same Record and Experience

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    Capello will always be remembered, by England fans, for his mindless mismanagement in South Africa at the 2010 World Cup.

    There was a lot to be said for his sacking at the end of that tournament, but if there was to be a manager to bring England success this summer, it was Capello.

    He has tried to mould a team of international under-achievers into an experienced functional side.

    We'll never know but it is quite possible that Capello would have brought young players such as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    A good mix of experience and youth would have been perfect for England. 

Part-Time Manager for Euro 2012

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    Bar Rafael Benitez, there is no manager available that can showcase the same record as the Italian.

    Therefore, what the FA are looking at is a part-time appointment that is unwelcome at this stage in the preparations. 

    Harry Redknapp is obviously a choice, but after Tottenham giving great support during his court case, one must feel he will be completely loyal to the London club.

    The part-time manager would be preferably coaching outside England as to rule out favoritism towards his club players.   

    The only viable option that may be possibly interested in the job would be Jose Mourinho, but how would that affect relations between the Portuguese coach and the Real management.

No Cohesion

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    You just have to take a look at some of Twitter accounts of England internationals and see how even they have no idea how this situation will be played out.

    As I said in the introduction, England are four months away from Euro 2012 without a skipper and manager.

    What other major footballing country would allow that to happen? Not many.

    Euro 2012 would have been Capello's last tournament as England coach.

    Cohesion would have been the best policy to ride out the Italian's last few months in charge.

John Terry's Possible Retirement

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    It seems Capello was the only person at the England HQs that supported Terry and his efforts to stay as England captain.

    Now with Capello's resignation, Terry will have no reason to stay with England.

    His teammates have apparently turned their back on him, the board does not want him, and the fans have turned sour towards the idea of Terry playing for England.

    I believe that if England were to ever win Euro 2012, it would be with a centre defense that included the Chelsea captain.

    An experienced player that could have played alongside new Chelsea teammate Gary Cahill, or Manchester United defenders Rio Ferdinand, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones.

Fans Disenchanted

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    If I were an England fan (which I'm not), I would feel let down and annoyed by all parties involved in this saga.

    England are never going to win any competition without their amazing fans by their side shoulder to shoulder.

    Over the years, England have never entered a tournament without some sort of drama or controversy.

    When will the fans have enough? Can't be far away now.