NBA: Kendrick Perkins Is Being a Baby by Bashing LeBron James for Dunk Tweet

Aaron SmileyContributor IFebruary 8, 2012

Kendrick Perkins,

You mad, bro?

Apparently, the Thunder center still can't accept the fact that Blake Griffin put him on a poster with a vicious dunk a couple of weeks ago. Days after the "Dunk Heard Around The Twitterverse," Perkins reportedly deleted his Twitter account. Now, according to this ESPN report, Perkins has taken offense to LeBron's tweet about the dunk.

Kendrick, answer this question: are you a professional basketball player? If the answer is yes, then quit crying like a big baby and continue playing hard basketball.

If you're a big man in the NBA, there is a possibility that you may get dunked on. On the same token, you have the same opportunity to dunk on someone else. We all know Kendrick is a very good defensive player. He's had his fair share of moments of making someone look bad. So why is he taking this one moment so personal? It happens. Get over it.

Why did LeBron tweet about the dunk? Maybe because he's a fan of basketball just like the rest of us. James gave Blake credit for an amazing play, more amazing than LeBron's own posterizing dunk just a day prior. James was one person among hundreds of thousands of people, "fans,"  who took to Twitter to express their excitement about the dunk, myself included. 

KP, you going to rip us too? Get a box of tissues and hush your mouth.

Kobe doesn't tweet because he's not on Twitter. Jordan doesn't tweet because there was no such thing when he played. Both of them also would not sit and moan and complain, saying, "Woe is me," about being dunked on.

They would not be fazed by social media. Great players like Kobe and Jordan would take the criticism and, given the opportunity, return the favor.

Mr. Perkins, I suggest you do the same. Forget about what everybody says. You will get another chance to dunk on someone or, even better, what you planned to do to Blake that night, stuff someone else's dunk. When that happens, us "fans," maybe including LeBron, might tweet about it.

Until then, suck it up.