4 Cities That Deserve to Host Super Bowl 50

Baily Deeter@@deetersportsSenior Writer IIIFebruary 8, 2012

4 Cities That Deserve to Host Super Bowl 50

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    We've all seen the most state-of-the-art football stadiums, the stadiums with all the history. 

    And then there are the stadiums that have never hosted a Super Bowl, but deserve it the most.

    Stadiums with improved new features or great football history have never hosted the big one before, but when the 50th anniversary of the game comes up, a chance may come up for some deserving teams.

    Here are the four cities that most deserve to host Super Bowl 50.

4. Seattle

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    CenturyLink Field in Seattle doesn't have much history, but it has great surrounding features, great stadium features, and it deserves to host a Super Bowl.

    Seattle is a great city, with lots of history behind the city. The Seahawks fan base is one of the most passionate in the NFL, and the stadium would definitely be packed for a Super Bowl.

    Thanks to incredible features on the stadium's roof, noise from the crowd is sure to be heard by the players, which could be an interesting factor in a Super Bowl at a neutral site.

    Nearby the stadium is the Space Needle, Pike's Place Market, and the launching pad for Starbucks Coffee, so tourists would have plenty of attractions. Tailgating is good, and all the features are in place for the Seahawks to host the Super Bowl.

    The 'Hawks filed their bid to host the game today and they should be a legitimate contender to host the game's 50th anniversary.

3. Green Bay

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    If you want football history, look no further than Green Bay, home of the 2010-2011 NFL champions.

    Green Bay stole the show during the 2011 NFL Playoffs and walked away from Dallas with a Super Bowl title, adding another title to the franchise's storied history. However, Lambeau Field has never hosted a Super Bowl.

    The Packers are in their prime, and although Green Bay is a very small city (in terms of hosting an NFL franchise), the cheeseheads would certainly come out to the game, especially if Aaron Rodgers could guide the Pack back to the Super Bowl.

    Plus, the tailgating is great, as there is a lot of space in the parking lot and some good places to hang out, throw footballs and prepare for the game. Curly's Pub has good food, a great area for kids to play and a great space for adults to get ready for the game.

    Lambeau has always been mentioned when a discussion about the NFL's best stadium comes up. So only two cities deserve to host the Super Bowl more than Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

2. Santa Clara

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    If I was talking about Super Bowl 47 or 48, there would be no way San Francisco would deserve to host the game. But in two years, a fancy new stadium will be built in Santa Clara for the 49ers.

    The new stadium is supposed to be a tourist attraction as well as a football stadium. Couches and areas to relax are supposed to be applied to the stadium's interior, to make the stadium like a place to book parties.

    Not to mention that it'll be great for hosting football games.

    San Francisco is becoming an NFC powerhouse, and the 49er Faithful are going to flock the Santa Clara stadium if the game is awarded to Santa Clara. Tailgating should be good, and the Bay Area has plenty to offer for tourists.

    The new stadium will have great views offered to spectators, lots of space, and plenty more that could be a factor in the location of the 50th anniversary. The 49ers have plenty of history, and the team has never hosted a Super Bowl.

    Because of this, only one city deserves to host the 50th anniversary of the game more.

1. Los Angeles

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    Los Angeles doesn't have an NFL franchise yet, but with two great new stadiums being built, they state a great case to host the game that was born in Los Angeles.

    Farmers Field and Los Angeles Stadium are either being built or getting plans approved for Los Angeles to own two great football complexes. All-new features will be incorporated into the stadium to blend in well with a great atmosphere.

    Farmers Field is supposed to be located next to the Staples Center, and the stadium is expected to hold 76,000 for a big event like the Super Bowl. From pictures of what the stadium should look like, we can tell that the stadium will have seats that provide great views of vast scoreboards and the football field.

    While Farmers Field may not be done by February 2016, another great option is open for Los Angeles. Los Angeles Stadium provides great views, lots of box seats, vast scoreboards, and much more.

    Los Angeles Stadium will likely be located on the hillside, adding a unique twist to the stadium. Fans will flood either stadium if the Super Bowl were to come to L.A., and the fame and glory Hollywood and Los Angeles provides will certainly make for a great tourist attraction.

    Add that all up and Los Angeles has a very strong case to host the Super Bowl.