New York Giants: 5 Players Who Could Be on the Trading Block This Offseason

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst IFebruary 8, 2012

New York Giants: 5 Players Who Could Be on the Trading Block This Offseason

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    Well have you had enough time to celebrate, New York Giants fans? The Super Bowl is over, the Lombardi trophy made its way through the streets of New York Tuesday and it is now time to focus on next year. 

    Jerry Reese will have his hands full this offseason. Not only will several big-name players come off the books in 2012, but there are a couple names you could throw out there as trade targets. 

    Here are five that could be wearing new colors in 2012. 

Brandon Jacobs

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    Brandon Jacobs has spent the last two years on a roller coaster of emotions. He is either incredibly mad or happy beyond measure. 

    The problem seems to always go away when you win, but can we expect Jacobs not to hurl a helmet into the stands the next time things go wrong?

    If the Giants are tired of this problem, and they might be, they could just as easily trade Jacobs and find another bruising back in the draft. 

Osi Umenyiora

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    Another player who has not been thrilled to be with the Giants at times is Osi Umenyiora. Osi held out in training camp with the hopes of getting a new contract that Jerry Reese supposedly said he would give him

    Surprise, surprise, when the Giants started making a run Osi dodged those questions and even said he is glad he was not traded.

    That tends to happen when you make the Super Bowl. 

    That said, the Giants may be content to trade him for a second-round pick and stock pile young talent. They have Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck still, and always have the option of bringing Mathias Kiwanuka back to his original position of defensive end. 

Mathias Kiwanuka

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    Speaking of Mathias Kiwanuka, and I know none of you are going to want to see this, but he is also a viable trade option. 

    Now, I am in no way saying the Giants are going to trade Kiwanuka, or any of these players for that matter, just listing him as a possibility. 

    However, there is no way they would get rid of Osi AND Kiwanuka, given the reason for getting rid of one or the other is that they still have the other around to back up Tuck and JPP. 

    Kiwanuka is due to make $4 million next season, don't be surprised if someone blows away Reese with an offer and he accepts. 

DJ Ware

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    DJ Ware got a good deal of playing time in the 2011 season, more than he had in any other year, so I wouldn't be surprised if a team took a chance on him as a more prominent backup player. 

    The Giants drafted Da'Rel Scott in the seventh round last year and are in love with his speed, so maybe getting rid of Ware for a late-round pick would be ideal for Scott's development. 

David Diehl

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    David Diehl turns 32 in September, meaning he is reaching the end of his career in the NFL. He has spent nine great seasons with the Giants, but he is set to make $3.825 million next season and $4.1 the season after. 

    He proved he still has some left in the tank, but the Giants will likely be placing a high priority on offensive line given that they had the league's worse running attack in 2011. 

    The Giants would likely shop him around for a late pick (if they wanted to make the trade in the first place) and, if they're lucky, a contender might come calling.