2012 NFL Free Agents: Players Guaranteed to Overvalue Themselves

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2012

2012 NFL Free Agents: Players Guaranteed to Overvalue Themselves

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    Every player has a certain value. The issue is convincing him that his personal assessment is more than his actual worth.

    It's human nature to desire to be compensated as much as your counterparts at the same position. However, this is generally not feasible in the modern salary-cap era.

    Occasionally, prior production makes it difficult for the contributor to look past his most recent output.

    Whatever the reason, these guys will have a difficult time finding the money they want.

Carl Nicks, New Orleans Saints Guard

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    The New Orleans Saints are unlikely to keep their outstanding interior line intact.

    The Saints put themselves in a difficult position.

    They inflated the value of Carl Nicks by handing Jahari Evans $56 million over seven years.

    Every position in football is valuable to the balance of the team. However, guard is not considered a premium position like left tackle, defensive end or quarterback.

    The blame for this situation can be traced back to the "Godfather" offer made to Steve Hutchinson by the Minnesota Vikings.

    Once the bar is set that high, it's impossible to pay the true value of the position regardless of the talent.

Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver

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    Dwayne Bowe hauled in nine more catches in 2011 than the previous year, albeit for less yards and 10 fewer touchdowns.

    Considering the quarterback rotation that the Kansas City Chiefs utilized, his accumulated numbers should be lauded instead of dissected.

    However, the signal-caller situation doesn't mean that his 2011 statistics should be considered an anomaly when it fits the norm of his career.

    Bowe finds himself in a similar position to Braylon Edwards a few years ago. Edwards had decent success until he exploded for 16 touchdowns in 2007, which clouded his true value.

    The Kansas City wideout had a phenomenal 2010 with 15 touchdowns, but generally only averages a third of that production in a given year. For his size and speed, Bowe needs to be more than a possession receiver. 

Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver

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    Vincent Jackson doesn't suffer from any self-confidence issues, which undoubtedly is an asset on the football field.

    However, such an attribute makes it difficult for a person to gauge their actual value.

    Jackson made headlines in 2010 by sitting out the first half of the season in a contract dispute, leaving little room for doubt that he expects to be paid now.

    Unfortunately, his production does not match his resolve.

    Jackson has never recorded 70-plus catches, and he only had two seasons in which he was able to grab 60 or more. 

    His 17.5-yard average speaks to his ability as a home-run hitter, but he has yet to accumulate double-digit touchdowns in a single season.

Cortland Finnegan, Tennessee Titans Cornerback

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    The cornerback sweepstakes of 2011 will surely have an inflation effect on the lesser offerings of 2012.

    Cortland Finnegan will be aiming for a lucrative deal based on the large payments to Nnamdi Asomugha and Johnathan Joseph. 

    Finnegan is a physical cornerback. He will fit well in certain systems due to his tackling prowess.

    However, as a straight cover man, he lags considerably behind the two aforementioned stars of the position.

    Finnegan only has three interceptions in his last 32 regular season games. He should be compensated, but not on the level of Joseph and Asomugha.

Mike Tolbert, San Diego Chargers Fullback

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    Mike Tolbert is better known in fantasy football circles as a vulture.

    He has a way of gobbling up touchdowns without producing the seemingly requisite yardage.

    The bowling ball of a running back has made a nice contribution to the San Diego Chargers over the last couple of years.

    Tolbert has produced 21 touchdowns in that time as the short-yardage back and occasional feature back.

    Yet Tolbert hasn't produced 2,500 yards over his four-year career. That won't stop him from feeling that his scoring production entitles him to a hefty raise. 

    The Chargers have two players they will have to pay to keep. However, they also have the city of San Diego to sell, which has some serious worth.