Giants Parade 2012 Video: Watch Giants' Hero Mario Manningham and WRs Celebrate

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 7, 2012

Nothing warms the heart of a fan like a championship parade for their team, take it all in Giants' fans. The video of the Giants' celebration comes equipped with all we have come to expect from these events.

Players waving and smiling at the fans...check.

American flags waving in the background....check

Announcers cramming for entertaining commentary while we watch grown men ride slowly through the street on street boats....check.

Still, they never get old when you're team is on the float.

New York Giants' fans can smile as they watch Mario Manningham and the other Giants' receivers on their own floatation device, taking in the love from the team's faithful.

Manningham's great fourth quarter catch has many likening his efforts to David Tyree's classic grab in 2008. While it may have been equally as important, it wasn't as spectacular.

One has to wonder how the Manningham catch will effect the free-agent receivers' future with the Giants. When the smoke settles and the confetti is swept away, I still see the Giants letting him walk.

They'll likely replace him with a player that he shared a float with today.

Still, the day belonged to Manningham and his teammates. It's a rare time when players and coaches don't have to think about the next game plan, next season or contract situation.

Shortly after this, the work towards the 2012 season will begin.

It's a pleasant pause, to be congratulated for an improbable Super Bowl championship run.

Congratulations to the Giants and their fans.

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