The Undertaker: Eight Favorite Contenders to Challenge His WrestleMania Streak

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The Undertaker: Eight Favorite Contenders to Challenge His WrestleMania Streak

For nearly twenty years, The Undertaker has ruled WrestleMania. Since his Mania debut in 1991, he has toppled giants such as Diesel, Big Show, and Giant Gonzales. He has destroyed powerhouses like Batista, Mark Henry, and Big Boss Man. He has crippled multiple-time world champions, Randy Orton, Triple H, and Edge. He defeated all-time greats like Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels. He even conquered his own brother (Kane).

The Undertaker is a living legend who has done everything there is to do in the professional wrestling industry and more. When his signature gong fills the air, everyone, whether they admit it or not, is humbled. And that is partly due to The Streak.

Undertaker's Streak is the greatest streak in wrestling and is easily one of the most exciting things about WrestleMania season and WrestleMania itself. Who will The Phenom humble this year? Will it be a quick-witted, devious newcomer? Or will it be a wise veteran, whose experience may even match that of The Undertaker himself?

All year long, fans ask themselves these questions. And every year at about this time, we start receiving clues to the answer. This year is no different in that regard. However, something about this year is different.

For one, no one is challenging The Streak. Instead, Undertaker himself is demanding a rematch. Why? It's because last year it was The Phenom's turn to be humbled. The man who has been a staple of WWE for years had to be carried out of the arena because he was too exhausted to move. Sure, he won the match, but in his words it "meant nothing." 

And now The Undertaker has returned to demand vengeance from Triple H in exchange for immortality. The Game is refusing, and it's possible that Undertaker vs Triple H III will not take place.

But then who will be the one to challenge the Streak? Members of the WWE Universe and the IWC have all come up with their favorites. With this slideshow, I plan on ranking the top favorites to challenge The Phenom in place of Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

The rankings are based on how popular the superstar in question is. I will also discuss the potential build-up between the superstar and The Undertaker, the match itself, and the fallout.

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