Jaromir Jagr: 4 Reasons the Flyers Must Sign Him for Next Season

Joe Russomanno@@jriding4evrCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2012

Jaromir Jagr: 4 Reasons the Flyers Must Sign Him for Next Season

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    Jaromir Jagr is a living legend. He is a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

    His skills are a long way from his "Dude Looks Like a Lady" days, but he's still an impact NHL player.

    At 13 goals and 25 assists Jagr should easily accumulate 60 points this season. But his point total isn't the tell-all in his contributions.

    Signed to a one-year-deal, Jagr will again become a free agent unless the Flyers elect to offer an extension.

    Allow me to present my four reasons why they should.

Work Ethic

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    When Jagr became a Philadelphia Flyer, he requested a key to the practice facility to work out late at night.

    Considering the team's apparent dry island fiasco last season, Jagr's status and approach to the game goes a long way towards setting an example for the team's youth.

Scoring Touch

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    Just because Jaromir Jagr has father time breathing down his neck does not mean his skills are dwindling like sand in an hour glass.

    No he's nothing like his Art Ross days, but he is capable of giving the Flyers 50 to 60 points in a season. That type of production makes him worthy to be not only on an NHL team but on a top line too.


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    It's bad enough injury has possibly ended Chris Pronger's career and deprived the Flyers of him for the season.

    Imagine if that happened with one of the Flyers forwards. Oh wait, that has happened—Danny Briere and James van Riemsdyk have missed significant time.

    The Flyers are able to overcome injuries to Briere and van Riemsdyk because they have plenty of depth. Jagr is a big piece to help fill the voids left by them as well.

    Next year will be no different and the Flyers need to maintain the depth they have up front. Jagr already has geat chemistry with Claude Giroux and is familiar with the other forwards.

    From a depth perspective alone it makes complete sense to keep him on for at least one more year.


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    Jaromir Jagr's days of wearing a C for a NHL team are most likely over. However, a player of his stature does not need it.

    Jagr was hoisting the Stanley Cup when Brayden Schenn was in diapers. Claude Giroux has become a phenom playing alongside Jagr.

    There is so much youth that could soak in the well of knowledge from which Jagr can teach on this team that if anything management needs to look at him more as a coach too.

    No, Jagr will not be standing behind the bench with a suit and tie on, but he can be a great influence on a team with so much youth.

    Setting examples in work ethic, scoring points, picking up the slack in the event of injury and plain old using experience in moments of need make Jaromir Jagr an important asset the Flyers need to keep.

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