Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Video: Watch Comedian's Super Secret Super Bowl Ad

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 6, 2012

Let's add one more commercial to the pile of memorable ads we saw on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Will Ferrell teamed up with Old Milwaukee to deliver a commercial that was the least costly of any that aired on Sunday. 

There is scaled down, and then there is this.

First off, the commercial is super secret, which, for fans of hushed tones, makes it one level above plain old "secret."

It only aired in the market of North Platte, Nebraska, which I had no idea was a market at all. Ferrell is seen walking across a meadow and then gets tossed a can of tasty beverage. 

He then pops the top and is about to give what I assume will be a hilarious and dramatic finish to the commercial. 


Instead, it gets cut off in awkward fashion that I am sure is by design. Then again, as it's a low-budget spot in a small market, I will keep an open mind. This could have also been a tremendous gaffe in scheduling. 

Ferrell, of course, sells the commercial, no matter how short or confined the budget. This would have no doubt induced a giggle or two from the room had we all been able to see it on Sunday. 

There is such a tremendous build-up that no ending would have been fitting to finish this spot off. The part that gets chopped off is the perfect punchline to a commercial that picked the right actor to sell their beer. 

You can now add another contender to the pile of Super Spots. But keep it under the low-low.

This is a super secret ad, after all.