Ortiz vs. Berto: Fan's Dealt Tremendous Blow with Berto Injury

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 6, 2012

It may have been too much to ask for something as good as Berto vs. Otiz I, but the sequel was guaranteed to at least approach how great that bout was. Now we are forced to wait for the second coming of a fight that was one of the best fights of 2011. 

By now, most if us have been hit with the news that Thursday will not feature an epic fight between two hungry boxers. 

ESPN reported last week that Andre Berto suffered a left biceps injury during sparring session. The boxer is still awaiting a second opinion on an injury that is similar to the one he suffered during his knockout victory of Carlos Quintana in 2010. 

This one is classified as an upper biceps injury and the one prior was on the lower portion of the biceps. It seems that he may in fact need surgery and could be out at least four to six weeks. 

That eliminates a Thursday main card that would have drawn a myriad of boxing fans to Showtime. You just couldn't ignore the promise that Ortiz vs. Berto II has. 

The first fight saw Ortiz coming in as the supposed smaller fighter and the one that had to answer the power of Berto. 

In the end, Ortiz proved he could fight with as much gumption as the next fighter, and that he had immense tenacity as well. 

By the sixth round, we had all seen a bevy of punches that put both boxers on their heels. Berto sent Ortiz to the mat in what seemed to be the end of it. 

Instead, Ortiz popped up woozy and continued to outpoint Berto despite shaky legs. We all gained a great deal more respect for Ortiz in that fight, but always thought Berto could answer back in the sequel. 

Now, it seems, we may not get that chance anytime soon. Ortiz is in tremendous shape, and there is no reason for him to waste that if Berto is going to be away for an extended period of time. 

The thought is that Ortiz would get a fight in between to stay fit, but he may be banking on an equally difficult fight instead. 

ESPN reports Ortiz now wants Amir Khan next. That fight would no doubt pique the interest of just about every boxing fan, but it would also mean that Berto would have to wait his turn far longer than we would like. 

We will have to wait a while longer for a fight that was guaranteed to be one of the best of the year.