Same Old Story with Brett Favre; This Time, Just Hang 'Em Up Already

Nick VennochiContributor IJanuary 5, 2009

America loves a comeback story, but this one is getting a little old.

For the past two seasons there has been one major story that has grappled football fans in the time between the Super Bowl and training camp:  Will No. 4 come back for another season?

I'm here to tell Mr. Favre once and for all, don't give it the ol' college try one more time.

Now this is coming slightly from a disgusted Patriots fan, who for 60 minutes of football was Brett Favre's No. 1 fan because I needed him to play well enough for the slumping Jets to beat the upstart Dolphins, but that is all details. Bottom line, he needs to retire.

I would go on a limb and say that he is one of the most overrated QBs of all-time. Now, statistically, I know you can't say that, but realistically, I can.

I know he has the most wins, TDs, passes completed, passing yards, and who can forget the games started streak, so I know he has to be mentioned with the greats.

But he has played 17 seasons, so he ran into a few of those records. I just really believe in what have you done for me lately, and for Brett other than the 2007 season, he hasn't been much.

Everyone knows he is also number one all time in INTs, but he is also number one in fumbles.

He has thrown over 20 picks five times, and in the 2005 season, he threw a grand total of 29 INTs.

Since 2004 he has thrown 118 TDs and 101 INTs, so the same stats that make him one of the greatest also make him look mediocre recently.

The eight time Pro-Bowler has had his magical moments, and I'm not trying to take anything away from the old gunslinger. I just think its time to call it quits.

Brett Favre has won one Super Bowl. Yes, one more than Marino, but three less than Montana and two behind Young and Brady.

Trent Dilfer can also make that same statement.

It just seems that it is getting plain. It was the same thing with Roger Clemens. Yeah, he was great, but how many years are we going to have to listen to people talk about the old man coming back for another go.

It just seems so hard for these guys to say goodbye to the game they love. Brett has accomplished so much and he continues to come back. I know he wants another Super Bowl ring, and do you know why he does? Because one isn't enough. And do you know why one isn't enough? Go back and read the paragraph that mentions Montana, Young and Brady and then read the one about Mr. Dilfer.

Favre knows one isn't enough, but do you know what? That's all he is getting. He's done.

As good as the 8-3 start looked, the 1-4 finished looked worse. His age and diminishing skill showed.

Fittingly the last two seasons have ended with INTs for Favre. For a great player like Favre with the most TDs of all time, it may seem sad, but he went down the way to game up a gunslinger.

Its is finally time to hang em' up Brett, thanks for the memories.  Please now go be with your family and let someone else steal the offseason show.