Victor Ortiz Wants a Fight ASAP: Calls out Alvarez, Margarito & Khan on Twitter

Vitali SCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2017

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 18:  Boxer Victor Ortiz arrives at a post-fight party at Studio 54 inside the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino early on September 18, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ortiz lost the WBC welterweight title to Floyd Mayweather Jr. by fourth-round knockout on September 17.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Studio 54)
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“Since my fight didn't work out w/ Berto, I want @AmirKingKhan@caneloalvarez and @antoniomargarito let's do this! :-),” posted Victor Ortiz (29-3-2) on his Twitter account.

I have to say that I respect Ortiz for calling out names that would make for pretty exciting fights. I think that he is a good fighter with heart and hope. He is enthusiastic, charismatic and, most importantly, confident.

Unfortunately for him, he is very arrogant, making him believe that he is most certainly better than many others. Most would think that being arrogant is not a bad thing, as it shows a fighter’s self worth and poise. In some cases, I would agree, but for some, it instills too much false hope, which in turn causes inefficient mental as well as physical training regiments.

For instance, when facing Mayweather Jr., Ortiz was acting as if he was already the champion, digging a deep hole with his own words, a hole that might be very hard to climb out of if things don’t go his way.

As far as his current statement on Twitter, here is what I think:

Amir Khan (26-2-0) is a good young fighter, but as I have said before, he is highly overrated. He has good stamina and technical skill, but his chin and ability to adapt in the ring is not as impressive as many make it out to be.

If Khan ended up in the ring against Ortiz, I would expect Ortiz to dominate the fight. I can see how Ortiz could drive Khan into the ropes and corners and go to work. While Khan can move, he can’t move and fight at the same time. One thing that Ortiz does fairly well is use his size in the ring. Khan would have to fight a very safe and uneventful fight in order to possibly come out with a UD victory.

While Saul Alvarez (39-0-1) is a young fighter with limited experience against world-class competition, I think he is improving real fast. He is a big guy, and he knows how to use his size and reach.

The one and only thing that would cost him the fight against Ortiz if they ever met would be his constant mistake of assuming he has the time to evade punches, as this is one error he always seems to suffer from. His footwork is very robotic, preventing him from throwing punches from various angles. I think that his fight against Ortiz would be close, and maybe even turn out positive in his favor.

Still, if I had to pick a winner, Ortiz would be my pick.

Depending on what weight they would fight at, Antonio Margarito (38-8-0) is too big, too strong and has too good of a chin for Ortiz to win. Say what you want about Margarito, he is a powerhouse when things go right.

I believe he would put constant pressure on Ortiz the entire fight, and if they ended up trading at any point in the fight, Ortiz would instantly realize that he is fighting a much stronger man than he thought he was. Ortiz is certainly a faster man, but unlike Pacquiao, he is not as good in landing clean shots in high volume with tremendous speed. I feel that Margarito would end the fight via knockout, or possibly with Ortiz’s corner throwing in the towel. There is just nothing that Ortiz can do to Margarito to get him in serious trouble.

Having said all that, I like what Ortiz wants to do and am confident that most boxing fans would watch any of the three proposed bouts. As for Ortiz himself, he would definitely be a good choice for all three.