Broughton's Fave 5: Top Wrestlers Who Won't Be Competing at WrestleMania

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IFebruary 9, 2012

Broughton's Fave 5: Top Wrestlers Who Won't Be Competing at WrestleMania

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    Hey folks and welcome to this edition of Broughton's Fave Five! This week's topic will once again be about WrestleMania. However, instead of focusing on who is competing, I have done the exact opposite. I have chosen my top five guys who most likely won't make it to 'Mania.

    Whether it be injury or being held back by creative, there are quite a few guys who won't get a shot to fight at WrestleMania. While guys like Undertaker, Triple H and John Cena have helped to define WrestleMania, some guys may never get a shot to do so. While there are guys who aren't deserving of such a thing, there are many who continuously work hard to improve and would be a great asset for WrestleMania.

    Without further ado, lets start Broughton's Fave Five!

No. 5: Will Regal

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     While some may not see Regal as an intimidating competitor, he is one of the best talents in the WWE today. However, he suffers from being misused. Will has always seemed stranded in the background, waiting for his opportunity.

    It seemed as though Vince had finally come to his senses when he made Regal the GM of Raw a few years back. However, a failed drug test put an end to a very brief run as a meaningful wrestler.

    Will is still considered one of the best WWE has, but is getting up there in age. He now spends most days at the commentary table, with an occasional match. But that doesn't mean he can't pull it off in the ring. Not too long ago he put on a show when he went up against his former protege, Daniel Bryan.

    While Regal would be great for WrestleMania, there is a slim chance he will have a match in the big event. WWE has never realized what they are missing out on, and probably won't learn in time for WrestleMania 28.

No.4: Zack Ryder

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    WWE claims that Kane broke Ryder's back, which means Zack will likely be out for quite some time. I for one, actually like that he is backing off the spotlight. Ryder's current role was nothing more than a pawn in the Kane-Cena rivalry. 

    Ryder wasn't always a popular wrestler. He started out as a tag team with Curt Hawkins, and the two eventually joined Edge to form the "Edgeheads". With Hawkins at his side, Zack won the Tag Team Title. However, Ryder's minor success didn't last too long. He eventually moved over to ECW and faded into obscurity.

    Nearly one year ago, Zack caught lightning in a bottle when he started the web series "Z! True Long Island Story."  Ryder immediately won over the fans. He displayed his great personality and charisma. However, the WWE refused to acknowledge Zack's success. They continued to ignore the Ryder chants each and every Monday Night.

    Just when we were all about to write Zack off a "future endeavored,"  he made an impact. Zack went right after Dolph Ziggler's U.S. title, and eventually won it. After his emotional victory at TLC, Ryder suffered from questionable booking. His rivalry with Ziggler ended quickly and he lost the title on Raw a few weeks later to Jack Swagger.

    With the Woo Woo Kid losing some of his flare, a break may be a blessing in disguise for Zack. Ryder can certainly come back and quickly make an impact, but right now his chances of being at WrestleMania are slim to none.

No.3: Evan Bourne

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    Evan Bourne has become a sad story. After years as a jobber, Bourne finally got his shot as tag team champ alongside Kofi Kingston. However, he is another man who plummeted after a failed drug test. In the weeks leading up to Survivor Series, Evan was caught for using synthetic  marijuana. WWE was able to let it slide and let him continue his reign as tag team champion.

    However, Evan did not stop. A few weeks later Bourne once again failed a drug test. While he claimed he is fighting personal issues and addictions over his twitter account, many are saying that he is committing career suicide.

    Since day one, I have been a fan of Bourne. His exciting in ring ability has always sparked up a match. Despite not having mic skills, I always felt that Evan deserved better. I may need to eat my words, because he finally was given a push and he single-handedly destroyed it. I hope that Bourne will be able to recover from this, but it is hard to tell if WWE will even allow him to come back.

    Though Evan wont be in a high profile match at WrestleMania, he could definitely have earned a spot in either a tag math or a money in the bank match. He was supposed to help rebuild a floundering tag team division, but that is now in question. While Evan may be able to return and be successful, it won't be in time for WrestleMania 28.

No.2: Rey Mysterio

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    Although Rey tries to be optimistic about it, he most likely won't be ready for WrestleMania. His knee has been a problem before and he wants to make sure that it heals up fully before he steps back in a WWE ring. With his return in doubt, it may be unlikely we ever get to see Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio, which was an assumed match for 'Mania.

    Although he isn't so great on the mic, I am a huge fan of Mysterio. He is like no other, and his connection with the fans is simply amazing. Not to mention, his exciting in ring skill certainly makes up for his lack of mic skills. He is a future hall of famer and will go down as possibly the best masked wrestler of all time.

    While many were looking forward to Sin Cara vs Mysterio at WrestleMania, Rey's knee may put a halt to that happening for quite some time. 

No.1: Mark Henry

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    The fact that Mark Henry may not compete at WrestleMania is a shame. 2011 was a breakout year for Mark, and he proved to all haters, including myself, that he can succeed at the main event level. His gimmick was perfect for his stature and really showed off his skills.

    While I'm upset that Mark got hurt, I am even more upset with how WWE handled it. They continuously put him in matches and, although he didn't fight much, they risked further injury. His showing at the Royal Rumble proved that he wasn't ready to be back, as he spent most of the match laying on the mat.

    Henry was going to be one of my favorite wrestlers before going down with an injury.  And although I hate to say it, Mark's great run may not be able to continue until after WrestleMania. I would have loved to see him dominate on the grandest stage of them all, but I may have to wait another year.