UFC 143 Results: Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit Will Be a Snoozefest

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2012

photo courtesy of mmainsider.com
photo courtesy of mmainsider.com

Carlos Condit is the UFC's new interim welterweight champion, after defeating Nick Diaz at UFC 143. It was a close fight, but Condit was ultimately able to enforce his game plan and walk away with a decision victory.

As the new interim champ, Condit has earned the right to face the undisputed welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, when GSP returns to action later this year.

It is not set in stone that the two will face each other, though. Condit has said that he would be okay with defending his interim belt before facing St-Pierre, who may not be able to return until November.

However, it seems likely that the two will face each other, as the welterweight division is currently void of a clear contender for Condit's interim belt.

On paper, Condit vs. GSP has all the makings of a great fight.

Condit is known as the "Natural Born Killer" because of how aggressive he is when he fights, and he'll be eager to prove that he really is the No. 1 welterweight on the planet. GSP is a proud champion who will have been on the injured list for over a year and will want to return in style.

Unfortunately—and I hate to be the bearer of bad news here—this fight is more likely to be a snoozefest than anything else.

Anyone remotely familiar GSP knows that his style is to bring the fight wherever he has the best chance of winning. Against Condit, his best chance for victory lies on the ground.

Now, a battle on the ground does not necessarily make for a boring fight, but Condit has a crafty guard, which will likely lead to St-Pierre being cautious with his ground and pound.

As far as Condit's strategy goes, he will want to keep the fight standing, but he won't be overly aggressive on the feet because he'll be worried about getting taken down.

Expect to see Condit fight similarly to how he fought Diaz. A lot of moving back and trying to soften his opponent up with kicks. He might be even more tentative, in fact, because he didn't to worry much about Diaz taking him down.

If you enjoy a good chess match between two great strategists, then this fight might be for you, but don't go into it expecting a dog fight.

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