Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Diddy Announces Epic Ciroc Bowl Ads

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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Diddy Announces Epic Ciroc Bowl Ads
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Diddy is a hip-hop mogul and an international superstar. Now he is taking his talents to the big screen of the Super Bowl.

In one of the best viral videos ever, Diddy flaunts the fact that he can pretty much do whatever he wants whenever he wants by playing on a grand piano in a luxury suite in Las Vegas. Must be nice.

After belting out his singing voice, Diddy goes on to announce that he will be airing commercials that he made with Ciroc Vodka. Fans will have a chance to go to Diddy’s Twitter at halftime to see the videos and vote which one they like the most.

Diddy tweeted about the event as well:

The commercials are, as described by Diddy, as follows:


While I imagine bulljumping as something matadors do when they aren’t very good, I can’t imagine what Diddy has up his sleeve for this commercial. He says it should be funny, so I will give him benefit of the doubt


The best part of the whole video is when Diddy describes curling as the “thing white people do.” If the commercial is half as funny as it was watching the mogul try and remember the word curling, this will be gold.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images


When I hear turbulence, I think airplane right away. I could see Diddy flying with his boys, drinking Ciroc as they hit turbulence. It would be great to see everyone just screaming while Diddy just sips his drink. End it with the plane settling down and all the grown men crying.


Judging from the dance Diddy does in the video, I assume he is mimicking New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. I would love to see a spoof commercial of Diddy as the Giants' wide receiver, making the big play and actually being asleep while dreaming. There are so many possibilities.

No matter what the finished products will look like, this was a good enough scheme for people to get interested. That’s all it takes.

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