UFC 143 Results: Should Nick Diaz Retire?

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIFebruary 5, 2012

Nick Diaz subsequently announced his retirement from MMA following his controversial decision loss to Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC 143. The defeat not only cost him the interim title, but also put paid to an immediate shot at Georges St-Pierre’s welterweight crown.

Coated in bitterness and disappointment: He’s “done with MMA” because he “don’t need this sh*t,” were the 28-year-old Stockton native’s words after the judges had pronounced their decision in favor of “The Natural Born Killer.”

That said, once the dust has settled, he might want to rethink his heat-of-the-moment decision. Regardless of the loss, Diaz has a hell of a lot to offer MMA and as that is the case, he shouldn’t retire, not yet anyway.

For one, he could state his case to Dana White and company that a rematch would be the right thing to do given the fact that it was a close-fought battle. Whether that happens is another thing altogether.

As things stand, the projected 170-lb. title clash between Condit and St-Pierre isn’t set in stone just yet—the latter is still in recuperation and could still be out longer than he or the public anticipated.

And as a consequence, that could the leave the door open for the aforementioned rematch with the new interim title holder, as well as the opportunity for Diaz to reinstate himself as the No. 1 contender to St-Pierre’s belt.

However, if that doesn’t come to fruition, he could keep himself busy by taking on the likes of Josh Koscheck, Jake Ellenberger, Johny Hendricks and even Jon Fitch.

Whatever the case may be, in the next week or so, expect the Cesar Gracie fighter to retract his rash decision to retire and return to the MMA fold.

Diaz is akin to Chael Sonnen—both are polarizing figures and MMA would better off with than without them.

The bottom line is this: Diaz has it all to play for and as a result should place retirement on the back burner…for now.


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