UFC 143 Results: What We Learned from Renan Barao vs. Scott Jorgensen

First LastCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2012

UFC 143 featured a bantamweight bout between Scott Jorgensen and a rising contender in Renan Barao, who defeated the former UFC title challenger after three rounds.

The judges scored the fight unanimously with 30-27 scorecards across the board.

What we'll remember from this fight:

It wasn't a fight for Barao to display his finishing ability, but it was one for him to get a solid victory over a well-respected and credible bantamweight opponent.

He did that and looked impressive in doing so by utilizing jabs, straight right hands and spinning back kicks.

What we learned about Renan Barao:

Barao made a splash in his previous UFC bout by defeating Brad Pickett in the very first round, and, although this fight didn't have a finish, it was one that wasn't supposed to.

It was a fight for Barao to go three rounds and know what it's like to go the distance against a top-10 bantamweight.

"I came here to fight three rounds," Barao said in the post-fight interview. "I was very well prepared."

What we learned about Scott Jorgensen:

Jorgensen has always had trouble when he couldn't get his opponents down. Barao's takedown defense was good enough to stop any takedown attempts he had, and he had no choice but to stand and trade for the majority of the bout.

He still lacks a varied standup attack, and that is something that was prevalent in his loss to Dominick Cruz as well.

What's next for Barao:

Since Cruz is tied up in defending his title against Urijah Faber, Barao will have to face another contender before he gets a title shot.

This can come against the winner of the upcoming Miguel Torres/Michael McDonald bout.

What's next for Jorgensen:

Even though he his now coming off a loss, a fight versus Mike Easton, who recently defeated Jared Papazian, could be very interesting and exciting. The bantamweight division isn't stacked, but it does have a fair share of up-and-comers who have to be tested.