Texas-Ohio State Fiesta Bowl May Prove To Be the Game of the 2008-09 Postseason

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IJanuary 5, 2009

No matter what you think about the Texas Longhorns or the Ohio State Buckeyes, tonight's game has my vote for current Game of the Postseason. In a wild shootout that saw two lead changes in the final two and a half minutes, Texas defeated Ohio State 24-21 to win the 2009 Fiesta Bowl.

Colt McCoy showed that the Heisman committee was wrong in making him just the runner up as he played like he was vying for a shot at the National Championship. The Horns had some tough competition in the form of the Buckeyes, but it was Quan Crosby that applied the huge touchdown catch for the Longhorns.

I will admit it, I was in a way, cheering for the Horns to win this. But in the end, I was mesmerized by the end of the game.

Win or lose, I was impressed with the outcome of this ballgame. These teams laid it all on the line, and in the end, the tougher team won. So the curse continues for Ohio State continues as they go 0-3 in BCS Bowls (obviously in the past three years). However, they did get a fight out of Ohio State.

Terrelle Pryor made it his business to ram the ball down the throat of Texas' second ranked defense when Beanie Wells went down for the game. Again, Arizona proves to be the Achilles' Heel for the Buckeyes as they lost another one in the Sun Devil State.

Colt McCoy showed how good he truly is (hope you were watching Detroit & Denver) as he used a fourth quarter comeback to propel the Longhorns to a huge victory that could make the Horns' case for a share of the BCS Championship, if Florida beats Oklahoma.

It's obvious that I'm the last person to give credit where credit is due, but in this case, no one can argue that this game was the best one of the 2008-09 Postseason to date. But when the music stops on Thursday night, will all that Texas has accomplished this year, including this big win over Ohio State, go all for nothing?

Either way, Colt has earned my vote for Heisman, and Texas-Ohio State has earned my vote for Game of the Postseason, heading into Thursday of course.

Congratulations, Texas. You earned this victory, and this time, it wasn't lost on a last second stunner pass to a high octane wideout.