Aaron Rodgers NFL MVP: 4 Reasons Packers QB Should Be Crowned

Jon Dove@https://twitter.com/#!/Jon_Dove42Contributor IFebruary 5, 2012

Aaron Rodgers NFL MVP: 4 Reasons Packers QB Should Be Crowned

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    Everybody has a different criteria for what the NFL MVP should look like. Some feel eye-popping stats carry more weight than wins. Others believe that the league MVP cannot come from a team with a losing record. Typically, if somebody's played at a MVP level the team is winning games anyway.

    I place a lot of importance on winning, consistent production and leadership. The Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, exhibits each of these qualities. His performance this season has put him as the odds-on favorite to take home the NFL MVP trophy.

14-1 Record and No. 1 Seed in NFC Playoffs

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    The NFL has plenty of star players but only a handful that raise the play of everyone around him. Aaron Rodgers demands top effort from everyone on the team. His ability to lead by example helps hold his teammates accountable. The entire Green Bay Packers roster follows his lead and continues to work to be the best team possible.

    Green Bay was one poor performance away from finishing the season undefeated. Their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs might have been one of the biggest upsets all season. Despite this loss, Rodgers was able to help lead his team to a 14-1 record and the top seed in the NFC.

    The MVP needs to be somebody who not only puts up big numbers but also wins football games. Rodgers proved that he has what it takes to find success in pressure situations. None of the other candidates can match his win total from this past season.

NFL's Top Passer Rating at 122.5

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    The NFL quarterback passer rating is an odd and controversial stat. Most feel that doesn't give a true picture of a quarterback's performance. However, it's the best formula out there capable of being used to compare the league's top passers. Aaron Rodgers finished the season with a quarterback rating of 122.5, which was 12 points higher than the No. 2 guy.

    Owning the top passer rating is impressive enough, but having that much distance between the next guy is unheard of. The No. 2 passer rating belongs to Drew Brees, who is thought to be Rodgers' top competition for the MVP trophy.

    In my opinion, the passer rating is a good way to show the consistency of each quarterback. The Most Valuable Player needs to be somebody who plays at a high level each and every week.

Taking Care of the Football by Only Throwing 6 Interceptions

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    It's no secret that the Green Bay Packers offense heavily relied on Aaron Rodgers. They ranked in the bottom half of the NFL with only 395 rushing attempts. Their lack of commitment to the running game meant a ton of pass attempts for Rodgers. Logic would say that with more throws there's a greater chance for interceptions.

    However, Rodgers only through six interceptions, the lowest total among the other MVP candidates. In fact, he threw half the amount of interceptions of Tom Brady. The ability to protect the football has a direct impact on the outcome of the game. Turnovers have a tendency to lead to losses.

    It's also important to factor in the 41 sacks surrendered by the Green Bay Packers offensive line. Pressure on the quarterback often leads to hurried throws and mistakes. However, Rodgers' ability to escape the pocket and avoid the rush allows him to protect the football.

Avoiding the Super Bowl Hangover

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    Typically, the two teams coming off a Super Bowl appearance struggle at the beginning of the next season. There are more than a few factors to this including the extra playing time and mental fatigue. However, Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers felt no effects from their Super Bowl victory.

    It would've been very easy for this team to head into the season with a lot of confidence and lack of focus. Yet, they opened the year with a major victory over the powerful New Orleans Saints. A lot of the Packers' focus is thanks to their leader, Rodgers.

    The league's Most Valuable Player must be able to avoid distractions. He needs to be the leader of a team and make those around him better. The Packers ability to avoid the Super Bowl hangover shows the type of leadership he possesses.