WWE Divas: Natalya Cutting the Cheese Doesn't Cut the Mustard

T. SchaeferAnalyst IIIFebruary 4, 2012


A few weeks ago, I watched TNA Impact at the behest of some friends, and I saw something utterly amazing.

A Women's Steel Cage Match between Mickie James and Madison Rayne. And it was good!

Neither woman is given an abundance of credit by fans, but this match saw a good action between the Knockouts and wound up being the highest rated segment for that episode. Whether you can attribute it to the gals going all out or not is debatable, but it is hard to ignore the coincidence.

For the record, this was better then any Divas match on any WWE program or pay-per-view in all of last year. Both James and Rayne went for close to 10 minutes TV time and put on a clinic in the ring. James went over Rayne in a triumphant vindication of her storyline with Kim and Rayne.

In other words, it was legitimate ring work with a legitimate angle. This was good stuff!

Fast forward to last Friday, and I saw something utterly appalling. While Beth Phoenix and Natalya were warming up backstage before a tag team match that ultimately had little consequence, Natalya cut the cheese.

Yup, Natalya launched a gas bomb that was enough to make Santino vomit.

In the match, Natalya locked up with Akasna. After hitting a bit of offense, Beth tagged herself in and nailed a Glam Slam to end the match, which lasted 15 seconds. After that, Beth and Natalya displayed some dissension, Natalya got beat down by Tamina again, and then the WWE moved on to the next segment. 

The WWE was making strides in the second half of last year and managed to drag a long feud out of Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix. Phoenix and Kelly even had a fun match at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view that left me hopeful.

But, as with all hot angles in the WWE, the storyline lost steam with Beth being left off of TV for almost a month while Natalya was left jobbing out random Divas left and right, who arguably don't possess half of her talent.

Long story short, Natalya's "Neidfart" (playing on her last name) angle is a great metaphor for how the WWE currently treats the Divas and fans of Women's wrestling. A large portion of the fault lies with the WWE signing fitness models rather then actual wrestlers to fill the ranks of the Divas division.

Those signings are now haunting the WWE because before the return of Kharma, the WWE was left with two Divas with acceptable ring work, and both wear heels.

Back to the current time, rumors place this as the WWE's method of trying to get Natalya over. Normally, a wrestler would cut promos, get victories in the ring and find themselves in a good angle for a title of some sort.

That would be the normal course of action, but in the world of PG and a lack of legitimate depth in the Divas division, this was seemingly the best idea they could come up with.

There is some hope for the Divas. Up and coming talent like Brtitani Knight and Shaul Guerrero are making their way through the ranks of FCW, and Kharma is back.  Between them, that's a good core to rebuild the Divas division.

With that said, fans of the WWE's Divas will need patience. Until then, Natalya can be expected to cut the cheese a lot more. 

Truth be told though, that just stinks.


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