Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Ads Fans Will Be Dying to See on Sunday

Luis BatlleContributor IFebruary 4, 2012

The Super Bowl is upon us and the NFL's greatest game means promising football and of course, top-notch ads.

From dogs hosting parties to a Pepsi Max edition of a "first date," Super Bowl XLV was jam-packed with some of the most intriguing Super Bowl commercials fans have ever seen.

The surprises and thrills of the ads should only continue to burst onto the scene in the 2012 Super Bowl commercials, as 2011 was as interesting a year for ads as any the big game has scene.

These are the three ads that fans have to be highly anticipating heading into Super Bowl Sunday's Patriots, Giants matchup.


1. Pepsi Max

With "First Date" and "Love Hurts," the laughs were endless with these two Pepsi Max ads in the 2012 Super Bowl.

The "First Date" commercial brought out the laughs of the stereotypical thoughts on a first date while "Love Hurts" made the average person's stomach hurt from laughter.

Both were promising ads from Pepsi Max, as their commercials have to be some of the more anticipated.


2. Doritos

The question is, can Doritos get back into the mix of things with a promising ad in 2012?

After last year's somewhat confusing "Healing Chips" ad, there's no question that Doritos will need a comical, interesting ad in this year's Super Bowl commercials.


3. Bridgestone

Out of nowhere, Bridgestone came out with two of the more impressive commercials on display during the 2011 Super Bowl between the Steelers and Packers.

The "Karma" ad with the beaver was among the best received by fans watching the Super Bowl, as it received a 97 percent rating on Fox Sports.

Assuming Bridgestone makes an appearance in the 2012 commercials, there is no question the ads will be all the more highly anticipated.