WWE: Mark Henry's Hall of Pain Temporarily Shuts the Doors

John KindelanAnalyst IIIFebruary 3, 2012

Tonight on WWE's Smackdown it was announced that Mark Henry was to be a part of the Elimination Chamber match at the end of this month.

Just moments later, Henry entered the ring to complain to Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long who had made the announcement that he wanted to not wait for the chamber he wanted his Heavyweight Championship match tonight.

Oddly enough, Long wasn't going to be bullied by the former champion Henry and not only did he refuse to give him the match but he took him out of the Chamber match and suspended him indefinitely. This was an odd call and seemed extremely out of the ordinary for a WWE suspension.

We've seen guys in the backstage area put their hands on Long before, they've poked him, antagonized him and there's never any retaliation from Long.

In fact, Long has usually plays the role of the coward and is intimidated by the likes of Drew McIntyre, and here he is standing up to the monster Mark Henry.

The confrontation of Long and Henry was cut short when Sheamus came to Long's rescue and delivered a Brogue Kick to Henry sending him out of the ring. He dropped to the mat and rolled out under the bottom rope and fell to the floor.

Acting as though he'd been hit by a truck, he staggered to the back of the arena and Long called out that security would be waiting for him to escort him out.

For Henry to be taken out in such a fashion, to be suspended and not go out due to injury or by the hands of another superstar is odd. It is possible that his injuries that he's been nursing have gotten to a point where even that type of removal would have been to dangerous for his condition.

Henry has been fighting through a groin injury and its possible that the rest of his body has been taking on extra damage trying to compensate for the groin injury.

It was reported on WrestleScoop.com that in a match in late January that his knees gave out at a house show against The Big Show. Its no wonder that his knees would eventually give out, doing battle month after month with the world's largest athlete has clearly taken his toll on him.

The physical pain his body is in has to be nothing compared to what's going on inside him mentally, to be cut out of the Elimination Chamber match and most likely WrestleMania has got to be eating away at Henry inside.

He is at one of the biggest spots in his long career and sadly, it doesn't look like he'll be taking that all the way to WrestleMania.

Henry won his title in Buffalo, N.Y., my hometown, I was there to see it and I thought it was an outstanding match that was leading to the development of one of the greatest heel monsters the WWE has ever seen.

Let's hope he has a speedy recovery and we get to see the big man tearing up the ring again soon.