MLB: How Brett Lawrie Helps 2012 Toronto Blue Jays Sabermetric Projection

Patrick HaoContributor IIIFebruary 3, 2012

TORONTO, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 17:  Brett Lawrie #13 of the Toronto Blue Jays slides into safely into home as Austin Romine #71 of the New York Yankees covers the plate during MLB game action September 17, 2011 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)
Brad White/Getty Images

2011 Record: 81 - 81

2011 Expected W-L: 79 - 83


The Pitching:

In 2011, every thing behind Ricky Romero was a question mark for most of the season.

Brandon Morrow is no longer on an innings or pitch limit which will let the Blue Jays possibly use two reliable 200 inning men this year.

The Bullpen is looking a lot better as well with Sergio Santos and Francisco Cordero as new options this year.

Behind the top three starters, though the water gets murky as Dustin McGowan hasn't pitched in the big leagues since 2008, Brett Cecil has suddenly lost and gained back his velocity.

The Hitting:

The Blue Jays have a lot of power, but couldn't get on base last year. If Moneyball has taught us anything, you need to be on base to score more runs.

They have the positive of having Brett Lawrie and Eric Thames for a full season now but if they want to contend they need bounce back seasons from Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus. 


Toronto is very close to contending, all they may need is another power bat in the lineup or trade for a starter at the trade deadline. As is though Toronto is going to improve but not likely to reach that 90-win plateau that is associated with playoff teams.


2012 Projected W-L: 85 - 77

3rd AL East