Why Zack Ryder Will Turn on John Cena Without Turning Heel

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 3, 2012

picture courtesy of j-cena.com
picture courtesy of j-cena.com

Zack Ryder is just one of those guys that isn't going to get an easy rise to the top. While guys like Brock Lesnar and Batista have walked into the WWE and quickly attained success, Ryder is going to have to work at it.

The best thing he had going for him was his Youtube show that he made without the help of anyone and which turned him into a viral sensation for the WWE. It helped him sell his merchandise and his uninspired t-shirt to the point where he was put on TV and given the US title.

The WWE then pulled that away from him, a move that is inspired as giving Ryder too much too soon would have ruined his connection with the fans that support him.  Then they tarnished their brilliance by moving his Youtube show to their channel.

It's hard to believe that Ryder is a plucky underdog fighting against the system when said system is using him to get Youtube views.

If the WWE and Ryder want to help him stay connected to the Internet fans, the largest part of his fan base then they need to do something drastic.

They need him to turn on John Cena.

They also need to have him do it while not turning heel.

It's no secret that a lot of online wrestling fans don't like Cena, and the quicker the WWE pulls Ryder away from him, the quicker those fans might forgive him for having his show end up on the WWE channel.

As much as it would mean more money for Ryder with his show appearing on their channel, online fans can be petty—this writer included. While Ryder is still growing his presence in front of the general TV audience he needs to make sure to hold onto these fans.

So, Ryder needs to distance himself from Cena.

He just needs to make sure he stays a good guy while doing it.

Most of the time when a wrestler turns on someone, he also changes his alignment and becomes a bad guy. It is simple, and it helps everyone from adults to kids understand what is going on.

This could work for the traditional wrestler, though Ryder isn't a wrestler who has gone the traditional route. He is someone who has very intelligent, if cynical fans who are used to the WWE and the same moves that it has pulled throughout the years.

Instead of getting him angry at Cena, he should get angry at his own inability to do anything and the realization that he is getting his career sidelined thanks to Cena. He could still care about Eve and take on heels, but at the same time he could wonder how a friend of his is willing to let him get injured.

After all, if Cena really wants to get to Kane, why not just stick by Ryder's side? It makes as much sense as challenging Kane to matches since the big red machine shows up around both times.

Besides, it isn't as if Kane really is after Ryder. He is after Cena and is only using Ryder to get what he wants.

Cena's enraged, going to dark places he has never been.

Having Ryder walk away from him angry at being used makes sense.

picture courtesy of wwe.com
picture courtesy of wwe.com

We have all been used before, and it hurts. Maybe it was by a boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe it was by someone we  called "friend," but we all know the feeling and the frustration and anger that comes with it.

And, sometimes, that anger lashes out at those who have only tried to help us.

If the WWE presents it that way it should get over with a majority of Ryder's fans while not alienating him from a lot of Cena's fans as well.

It might just be what Ryder needs right now.

At the very least, it would put him back on TV.

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