Jose Mourinho: Is the "Special One" on His Way Back to Chelsea?

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2012

If reports are to be believed, Chelsea's most loved manager Jose Mourinho is preparing to make a shocking return to Stamford Bridge.

The former Chelsea manager surprisingly left Stamford Bridge after three extremely productive years in charge, during which time he won six trophies. His falling out with owner Roman Abramovich was cited as the cause for his sudden departure.

Following the Special One's exit, no other manager since has been able to even near his achievements.

According to The Sun, a source close to Mourinho—now manager of Real Madrid—has revealed that he is planning to return to his former club.

Mourinho had won almost everything with the Blues in his three years in charge, except the Champions League. It is understood that his wish is to complete this unfinished business. Mourinho is reportedly preparing to leave the Spanish giants after this season, with his eyes firmly set on making a return to England.

Chelsea is supposedly his most preferred destination given the love and adulation he received and still continues to get from the players and fans alike. Chelsea, on the other hand, are in the middle of a revolution-gone-wrong under young manager Andre Villas-Boas (ironically touted as Mourinho's successor).

Abramovich is not very well-known for being patient with unsuccessful managers, and if Chelsea fail to earn anything this season, it could well pave way for Villas-Boas's departure.

It's entirely possible that Abramovich could be tempted to bring back his most successful manager. After all, the club have tried with five managers since Mourinho's exit, but none have come even close to achieving the same level of success.


Blues fans everywhere are surely excited by the prospect of a reunion with their beloved manager.

The Sun's source revealed:


He knows things are a mess there right now. He also knows it would be difficult to go back and make the same impact as before.

Winning the Premier League title back to back in his first two years at a club that had not been champions for 50 years was incredible. That's why he's still loved by the fans and why he still loves the club. They were special days.

But before agreeing, he would want things very clear between him and Roman Abramovich.

He would say 'Roman, you are the owner and I am the boss here. Let's work together and the power is in our hands'.

For Jose that would be the perfect partnership.

Though the source cannot be depended on fully, Mourinho's recent indications of quitting as Real Madrid manager and preferring a move back to England cannot be altogether denied. The Blues faithful would be ecstatic if the reported reunion occurred.