Super Bowl Snacks: The Best Snacks for Giants vs. Patriots

James EvensCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2012

Super Bowl Snacks: The Best Snacks for Giants vs. Patriots

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    Ah, the Super Bowl. A time for friends, family, football and food! 

    Yes, Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday and the Monday following the big game, really should be a national hangover day. 

    With the big game approaching, it's time for you to get a last minute look at some great ideas for your Super Bowl snacking experience. 

A Fresh Fruit Skewer

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    Okay, so everyone knows that the Super Bowl is about unhealthy food and adult beverages, but there is always that guy, or girl who wants something healthier! This is the perfect option for them.

    You can even get creative, with this super recipe for a fresh fruit skewer! 

The Big Wing!

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    Okay, so we all know that when you order chicken wings, you have to order at least eight to be a true man, so why not try this at-home recipe? The big wing! 

    Instead of having a tiny little wing, just cook chicken legs. It will be cheaper in the long run, you can add more sauce and it will taste just like a wing, only with more sauce and meat.  

Popcorn Ice Cream Cones

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    Okay, so this may be a little strange, but this is a different recipe you may not find at any other Super Bowl party. Take an ice cream cone and add popcorn to it, simple as that. It's a delicious treat that will have your guests wanting more and wanting to know where you got the idea!

    Give it a try! 

HOT Chicken Spinach Dip

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    Everyone loves a good dip and spinach dip is a favorite among many, along with Buffalo dip, so why not combine the two?  

    This innovative recipe lets you do that, and creates a spicy, yet creamy sensation that is guaranteed to blow your mind. 

Super Easy Dip, Even a Caveman Could Do It

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    So guys, let's face it. A lot of us aren't the best of cooks unless it involves some sort of fire or grilling device, so here is something for everyone.  It's simple, everyone knows it and everyone loves.

    Just your simple cream cheese dip and some chips and you are guaranteed to wash that beer down with a bang. 

Stadium Blanket Dogs

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    Every kid loves pigs in a blanket, so why not have them as adults? We are all big kids anyway.

    This recipe will show you how to create a hit for your Super Bowl party that will not only light up the eyes of kids, but light up the eyes of adults! Try these with some tangy mustard! 

Football Baked Potatoes

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    We all need a little starch with our meal, so why not substitute the fries or the chips with these. This is a creative idea that will allow you to please every football fan in the house, while filling the stomachs of many as well, too. 

    Although it may sound a bit corny, football baked potatoes are a must for your party. 


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    For the designated driver it will be nice to have something to drink at your party, so pick up your favorite brand of soft drink and get going! 

    Get crazy off Mountain Dew! 

Jungle Juice

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    This is a good thing for your party. Get yourself two pitchers to mix this in. Mix one red for the Patriots, and one Blue for the Giants. The jungle juice that is gone first is declared the winner. Make sure to drink responsibly, though. 


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    What would be the Super Bowl without beer? Over 400 Olympic size pools full of beer, is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday alone. 

    It really is just a national pastime to drink beer while watching the game and the commercials. Once again, make sure to be responsible, however, and always use a designated driver.