Jose Aldo Cuts Ties with Manager Ed Soares and Black House

Kyle SymesCorrespondent IIIFebruary 2, 2012

Earlier today, TATAME reported that Jose Aldo had cut ties with Ed Soares and the Black House team. It was a decision made between Aldo and his coach, Andre Pederneiras.

Pederneiras explained the situation regarding Aldo and Soares:

"I’m his only manager now. We’ve sat down, talked and found it was the best way to go. Since things are happening in Brazil now, we thought it was the best call." (

A fighter leaving his manager isn't unheard of, but this move is particularly interesting given the fact that UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, cut ties with Soares six months ago.

Pederneiras also spoke about the other Nova Uniao fighters that Soares currently manages like Diego Nunes, Johnny Eduardo, and Luis Ramos. He said Soares will still manage them.

“They helped us to get these guys there [in the UFC], I wasn’t fair firing them." (

FightersOnly caught up with Soares to discuss the situation. Soares explained that the break up didn't occur on bad terms.

"I wouldn’t say anything went wrong as such, other than Andre feels he doesn’t need our services as management any more. And that’s fine, it wasn’t like we were together since the beginning, we managed him once he became champion." (

Soares also said he doesn't feel he did anything wrong and did his job as a manager.

"We were there to try and enhance his life, I believe that we did. Maybe we weren’t able to enhance his life the way that they would have liked us to, I don’t know, but if they can do a better job then be my guest, go for it." (

With dos Santos and now Aldo leaving, it certainly hurts Soares' credibility a little. The public disagreement with his most high-profile client, Anderson Silva, also doesn't help the situation.

But Soares doesn't seem to think there's a problem. When asked about whether or not there's any issues in the Black House family, he responded in typical Soares fashion.

"We’ve lost two guys in eight years." (

The only problem Mr. Soares is both of those departures happened within the past year.