Landon Collins: 5 Factors That Make This Situation Very Awkward

Will PuenteContributor IIIFebruary 2, 2012

Landon Collins: 5 Factors That Make This Situation Very Awkward

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    And we thought the Cyrus Kouandjio story last year was must-see television drama. This was until we watched the last decision of the Under Armour All-America Game on Jan. 5.

    I don't think anyone thought Landon Collins would pick the Crimson Tide. At the moment LSU was at their best in Tiger history, and this recruit only lives about an hour away from Baton Rouge.

    Then the decision was announced, but it had to be the most awkward moment in Under Armour event history. The mom (April Justin) looked as if Landon had just committed a crime.

    A huge pick up for the Crimson Tide, yet the cheers were overshadowed by the mom's look of grief. I know what Alabama fans were thinking: "Even if my son was going to Auburn, I would still be happy for him."

    This story would not end its awkwardness that night. There was much more of the story that added to the fire. Right now, Alabama has their LOI in their fax, but it is hard to shake this feeling. Here are the factors of those strange emotions.

Bama Recruiting in LSU Territory

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    Let's face it; these two are the ultimate SEC archrivals of this era. It may be decades before a scenario like this past BCS National Championship happens where two opposing teams are from the same conference.

    Alabama wanted nothing but revenge since Nov. 5, 2011. Now the tables have turned, and LSU has to reclaim their honor from a beat down in their own backyard.

    This Landon Collins story only proved that Alabama has a name in Cajun country. The Tigers will have to watch its own territory very closely. LSU had enjoyed years of no competition for its in-state talent, but this is not the case anymore.

    And now LSU also proved that they can recruit in Alabama territory, with the pick up of No. 1 OLB Kwon Alexander from Oxford, Ala.

Nick Saban Showing He Is LSU's Darth Vader Again

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    Nick Satan, Nicktator, Osaban Bin Laden, etc. All of these names brought to you by the LSU Tiger fans with hate for their former Head Coach.

    This story only grows bigger with age and maturity. The man who set the LSU program to National relevance, only to leave it and come back as their ultimate enemy. There is no question that Alabama has become LSU's biggest rival.

    You could tell from the faces that left the Superdome this past Jan. 9. LSU enjoyed two victories back to back, but the last one could have been the sweetest.

    Nick Saban showed he is Lousiana's public enemy No. 1 when he plucked Landon Collins out of LSU's claws, showing that proximity is not an issue for the world class recruiter.

    This was the first moral victory for Saban against LSU in 2012, then came the Crystal Trophy four days later.

Too Much Parental Intrusion in Decision

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    Do the parents intrude too much on a kid's decision? There is no better example about that than this video. But not only is there an intrusion, but a public show of dissatisfaction on Collins' decision.

    In fact, the reporter had to ask the mom about what her thoughts were in the matter. The spotlight was immediately taken away from the announcement to: "what was the mom thinking?"

    Parental support is always needed in an important decision made by these young adults, but there is a limit to where it becomes an intrusion.

Will the Mom Be Accepted Among the Bama Community?

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    Now that the LOI is signed and faxed, there is no question that Collins is on his way to Tuscaloosa. The bigger question is: Will the mom be coming too? At some point we have to think that she will have to support her son, specially if he has an important role on the team.

    But everything can be forgiven from what happened through the Under Armour Announcement. But then there is this quote made by her right before National Signing Day:

    "At 'Bama they want to red shirt (or grey shirt) him [Landon Collins] and they want him playing nickelback instead of safety. He is the top safety in the country and he will never play a game his freshman year.

    "Now, at LSU coach Les Miles is offering to play him as safety during his freshman year. His [Nick Saban's] goals don't meet the criteria of the family; they meet the criteria of Alabama."

    How do you feel about cheering Roll Tide next to her in Bryant-Denny next season? gets more awkward.

Girlfriend-Mother Tensions

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    Landon Collins may never admit it, but there is talk that his girlfriend (Victoria Lowery) was the reason why he will be wearing Crimson and White come fall.

    Another reason why the mother was never excited about the choice of schools. Here is another quote from the mom:

    "Annette Lowery is a basketball coach at his school," Justin said. "She had relationships with the different (Alabama) coaches, but I explained to them I don't want an outsider a part of this. If it's not his football coach, no one else is needed. But they still went about making her involved, and I didn't appreciate it. I think that was disrespectful."

    Annette Lowery is Victoria's mom who has close connections to Nick Saban. April Justin has been big about excluding Victoria's and her company of influences on Landon Collins.

    The plot gets thicker as more details seem to be appearing. This story has all the ingredients to be a reality show.

    Is this about LSU losing a good recruit or a mother losing his son's interest to a young 5-star football player magnet?

    As we said before, it only gets more awkward.