UFC 143 Fight Card: GSP vs. Diaz Talk Spoiling Potential Matchup of the Year

Sean SmithAnalyst IFebruary 2, 2012

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC
Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Carlos Condit is a former WEC champion, has suffered only one loss in his past 13 fights and is a winner of performance bonuses in three consecutive appearances. Condit has earned his time in the spotlight, so it's time to stop ignoring him.

At UFC 143's pre-fight press conference, a question was asked of Nick Diaz on whether he planned on leaving the UFC should he defeat Condit and subsequently UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

This question from the media came mere minutes after both of UFC 143's headliners voiced their displeasure over the event seemingly serving as preview for a title fight between St-Pierre and Diaz.

"It makes me sick," Diaz said of the media focus being on him potentially fighting St-Pierre in the future rather than on his upcoming fight with Condit. "This is Carlos’ time to be here and to be a part of this main event. Half of this show is built up around me fighting Georges St-Pierre, but I’m fighting Carlos Condit. I don’t like it."

Though there is an interim title on the line in Saturday's main event between Diaz and Condit, the second episode of Zuffa-produced UFC 143 Primetime, a series of promotional videos designed to generate interest for UFC 143's headline fight, appeared to focus more on Diaz's rivalry with St-Pierre than anything else. 

Instead of being discouraged by the fact that he is being portrayed as a sacrificial lamb to set up a highly-anticipated fight between Diaz and St-Pierre, Condit is using the lack of attention he has received as motivation.

"I feel like they’re planning that fight before this one has even happened," Condit said at the event's pre-fight press conference. "That’s fine, because I have the opportunity to get in there and spoil those plans."


It's understandable that there would be talk of a potential title fight between Diaz and St-Pierre, as it would provide one of the most intriguing pre-fight narratives of any potential championship bout out there.

However, there is no reason for talk of St-Pierre fighting Diaz to consume the news space when one of the most exciting matchups in quite some time is only days away.

Diaz and Condit are two of the most entertaining fighters in the entire sport. Both welterweights have earned Fight of the Night honors and separated themselves as the two most dangerous 170-pound contenders in the UFC. 

Whether their fight ends in 25 seconds or 25 minutes, Diaz and Condit are sure to provide one of the most exciting fights of 2012.

"We both come to fight," Condit said of Saturday's fight with Diaz. "No matter who wins between Nick and myself, the fans are going to win, because it’s going to be a phenomenal fight."

Even if Diaz does win on Saturday and earn his blockbuster fight with St-Pierre, there will be nine months to hype up that fight, as St-Pierre has said he expects to make a November return to the Octagon.

For just a few days, before it's too late, let's give this fight between Diaz and Condit—this outstanding piece of matchmaking—the attention it deserves. 


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