Mike Tyson Says MMA Is on the Rise

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIFebruary 2, 2012

In a recent interview with HDNet's Inside MMA show, former undisputed heavyweight boxing kingpin Mike Tyson said MMA is on the rise whilst intimating that boxing is suffering from a spell of listlessness.

"Boxing needs a real dominant superstar to get them out the doldrums.

"Until then MMA is gonna keep rising because they're very attractive and entertaining and they put the people in their seats.

"That's what people want, they want to be entertained," Tyson said.

At 20, Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion when he relieved Trevor Berbick of the WBC title. Eight months later and at the age of 21, he reigned supreme over the division having captured both the WBA and IBF belts.

During his time as a pugilist, the former "Baddest Man on the Planet" was entertainment personified—decimating 44 opponents in his 50 career fight wins, most of which were executed in scintillating fashion.

And apropos the entertainment aspect, that's something Tyson perceives is happening with MMA.

"I think it's an awesome sport," he said.

"What makes it awesome more than anything is because it's entertaining. It makes the people happy and that's why it's so spectacular in this country and around the world."

Though an avid follower of MMA, Tyson has no intentions of ever stepping inside a steel cage. That being said, the thought of throwing down does fascinate the former champ.

"Fighting alone is not gonna make me feel comfortable no more, doing that stuff. But it is interesting.

"Imagine being in a fight with somebody and the only thing you can do is box them - and if his hands are superior to yours you're dead meat.

"So why not grab somebody and throw them down, or put them in a headlock? That's pretty interesting!

"What scares me more than anything is they stomp on your toes. If they stomped on my toes, I'd surrender!"


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