MLB Shortstops: Jimmy Rollins or Derek Jeter?

JoeContributor IFebruary 21, 2008

Jimmy Rollins and Derek Jeter are team leaders.

Both are shortstops.

Both are MVPs.

Which one would you rather have?


Jimmy Rollins Pros

Hits for average (about .280-.320)

Hits for power (about 30-40 homers a season)


Steals bases (35-50 a year)

Gold Glove-caliber shortstop

Very low contract 


Jimmy Rollins Cons

Low OBP for leadoff hitter


Derek Jeter Pros

Hits for high average (.300-.320 a year)

Plays balls out every night

Works pitchers during every at-bat 


Derek Jeter Cons

Very limited range for a shortstop

Hits for very little power

Does not steal bases often

Plays balls out every night

Huge contract 


My choice: Jimmy Rollins

Feel free to discuss and debate, but make a choice between these two players.