Rutgers Football: Kyle Flood's Reputation Already a Plus

Jason Radowitz@@NY_Sports_WorldContributor IIIFebruary 2, 2012

Greg Schiano left, and everything was looking ugly. Every athlete who verbally committed to Rutgers was thinking otherwise.

However, when Kyle Flood was named head coach of Rutgers, he was able to retain all but one athlete.

On top of that, he was able to recruit in-state Don Bosco product Darius Hamilton, a 5-star defensive end. Schiano was never able to recruit a 5-star product in his entire career with Rutgers.

Though we have never seen an actually game coached by Flood in the college football level, the former Rutgers offensive line coach's reputation from the fans looks nothing but better. There are no excuses now, after being ranked 25th in recruiting by

But not only was Flood able to recruit top products from New Jersey, he was able to find his first head coaching job with a major college football team in his career.

He wanted the job, and he wanted it badly. And as of now, athletic director Tim Pernetti looks like a genius hiring Flood after looking at the recruiting class this season which Flood believes is the best in school history.

"This is an exciting a day as we've ever had in Rutgers history," Flood said.

The weakness last year for Rutgers was probably the reason Rutgers missed a BCS game; however, after adding six new offensive linemen, Rutgers is as good as anyone now. Coach Flood just needs to prove it.

There have been only nice things said about him, and as all Rutgers fans would say, it's worth a shot to give him a try. He's been dreaming of this moment, so it's only right to give him the opportunity.

He continues to grow into Schiano's shoes, but he is most definitely getting there quick.