WWE: Why a WrestleMania Match Between the Usos and Colons Needs to Happen

The PhantomCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2012

WWE: Why a WrestleMania Match Between the Usos and Colons Needs to Happen

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    The tag team division has been down in the dumps for over two years now, with shimmers of light here and there, but nothing of long-term value.

    We have seen a lot the company's megastars team up and make their way to the division, among those include Chris Jericho and Edge, Jeri-Show, ShowMiz, Kane-Show, and Air-Boom. All of whom have fell out of the division limelight just as quickly as they rose into it, with the exception being Big Show himself. 

    With the recent surge of short-term fixes, not proving to be long-term answers, it is clear that the WWE needs a solid answer for the Tag Team Championships and the division. An answer that will not abandon the titles for singles glory in the middle of restoring them. 

    That is where current champs, The Colons and potential challengers, The Usos come in. Out of all the current teams they are quite possibly the only ones that have a long term stability in them.

    A match between these two teams at WrestleMania could serve as a big step into restoring a once proud division in the WWE and here are the reasons why. 

The Division Is in Need of a Fresh Start

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    As I mention in the introduction, the division is in need of teams that have long-term stability and drawing power.

    What I mean by that is the WWE is in need of teams that will stay together over the long haul, not stop gap measures that will soothe the pain but doesn't heal the injury. For years we have seen pairings come and go, fully stopping the growth of the division.

    A fresh start is in order and The Colons and Usos should be the teams leading the way. 

    When the division was at it's best, it had teams like The Hardys, Dudleys, Edge and Christian, and Too Cool who specialize in tag team wrestling. 

    While neither the Usos or Colons are on that level, in their defense they have never been given the chance to reach such a status or create their own niches. 

    Leading up to WrestleMania, now is just as good of time as any to let the young stars shine. They are the present and the future, and should be treated as such. 

The Elimination Chamber PPV Could Serve as an Important Test Run

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    The Uso and Colons are two young teams who do not have much experience on the big stage, aside from Primo Colon. 

    With that said, a test match at Elimination Chamber between the two could prove to be vital.

    Exposure means everything, and having these two young teams on the card could help boost their fanfare and crowd reaction leading into WrestleMania. It also allows them to work on their chemistry with each and the opposing team. 

    This match will most likely not be one you tell your grandkids about, but it could be one you look back on as turning point in the division if booked right.  

There Is Enough Time to Promote the Match

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    After Elimination Chamber is over, there will be over a month's time to promote a Usos vs. Colons feud. Time is a weapon that will be on the WWE's side. 

    Not to mention the last Smackdown before WrestleMania, is usually one that is not heavily booked. Another reminder promo about a Uso vs. Colon match could help fans get more interested in the lower card. 

    The match itself should not be promoted to the degree of a Rock vs. Cena or Undertaker's streak, but it could be the fifth or sixth most important match after the first two matches I listed and the two World Title matches.

    It should only drop to six if there will also be a MITB Ladder Match at WrestleMania as well.

    Fifth or sixth in the pecking order may seem like a great task to overcome for The Colons and Usos, but that disadvantage can easily be turned into a great positive with the help of key names and figures being included in the feud. 

Carlos Colon Can Help Promote Primo and Epico, and the Colon Family

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    That disadvantge of being low in the pecking order leading up to WrestleMania can be chopped down by including Primo's father and Epico's uncle, the great WWC Legend Carlos Colon into a feud with The Usos.

    For those who have never heard of Carlos Colon, he is a wrestling legend in Puerto Rico and has had many great bouts in his time with Abdullah the Butcher, Ric Flair, Terry Funk, Yokuzuna and the list goes on and on.

    Carlos Colon even had a brief run in the WWE back in 1993, participating in the Royal Rumble that year. He lasted seven minutes scoring one elimination before being tossed out by Yokuzuna. 

    I don't feel Carlos should be mixing it up in the ring with the Usos; however, a promo about the Colons and their history could go a long way.

    While the name might not be known to a great portion of the WWE audience, exposing the Colons' rich family history will make the current champs more credible and add a little bit of a back drop to the match, considering who the Usos could bring into the feud. 

The Rock Will Be Available to Help Promote the Usos and the Anoa'i Family

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    Well if The Colons are going to bring in a member of their family, it is only right for The Usos to dig into the family closest and rich history, and select one of the many names to help them out.

    While their father, former Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champion Rikishi, would be an excellent choice and should be involved, they can go bigger than that. 

    Luckily for them, they don't have to dig back too far. The Usos can rely on the guy that will be main eventing the card at WrestleMania, The Rock. 

    What is great about having The Rock being included in this feud is that he does not have to do too much to help sell it.

    A couple of backstage scenes with The Usos and a few more mentions of their match in his promos against Cena, would add a extraordinary boost to the match. Who knows, he could even team up with them in a warm up match for WrestleMania. 

    There is not a bigger rub a wrestler could have when they are trying to make it in the WWE, than being the son of Rikishi, related to The Rock, and most importantly the Anoa'i family. A family that is one of the most well known names in wrestling who is only rivaled by The Harts. 

    If a match takes place between the Usos and Colons, having the family lines being drawn is a clear way to help sell it. The most important thing, however, is to make sure that the Usos and Colons are the main attraction during the promos, not the family itself. 

The Wrestlemania Match Would Be Taking Place in the Right Location

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    Another thing that would benefit a Uso vs. Colon feud is that it is taking place in a city that is sure to draw a heel reaction for the Colons and a face reaction for the Usos.

    With WrestleMania taking place in the city where The Rock considers home, played college football at and won a National Championship with the Miami Hurricanes, The Usos can get a nice rub from the Pro-Rock crowd.

    Likewise, the Colons will get a nice heel reaction for the Uso- and Rock-backed crowd. Certainly, a better one then if the match took place in Orlando, Washington or Toronto, for example. 

Match Between the Two Teams Could Be an Instant Classic with a Stipulation Added

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    A Usos vs. Colons match will include solid workers, who are entering the prime of their wrestling career in terms of stamina and bumps their bodies are able to handle.

    If everything is booked correctly before hand there is no reason why this match could not turn into an instant tag team classic.

    If a special match stipulation is added on, the possibility of this feud paying off in the end, will only increase. 

    With a ladder match stipulation likely being taken away due to the Money In the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, a elimination Tables match between The Usos and Colons is a solid backup choice.

Long-Term Growth of the Division Would Be in Good Hands

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    If all the previous steps are taken, the payoff for this match and the effect it could have on the tag team division and the prestige of the tag titles, can only be positive. 

    A  good showing from the tag team division on what is expected to be one of the biggest WrestleMania cards, will right a troubled ship that has sailed through the WWE these last two years. Most importantly you will leave the event having two teams with credibility. 

    The Usos and Colons could go back and forth up to Extreme Rules, until the next important step is taken. That being building up a third team and depth in the division. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins would be a good team for the creative staff of the WWE to start with.


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    You heard how I would fix the tag team division in the WWE; now it is time to hear your plans.

    If you had complete control on the WWE's tag team division from now up to Extreme Rules, what would you do to turn things around for the better?