WWE: The Undertaker, Triple H and the Tap on the Back That Said It All

John KindelanAnalyst IIIFebruary 1, 2012

The Undertaker has returned once more to the stage of the WWE. The gong hit, the lights dimmed and the Deadman walked to the ring to confront the last man he faced there, Triple H. Not a word was spoken; instead, eye movements, glaring looks and a little pantomime said it all. 

The Undertaker gave his tell-tale glance to the Wrestlemania sign that each year hangs in just such a spot to make for a dramatic camera angle. This indicates he was there to make his claim for the grand show. He motioned the slicing of the throat and glared into Triple H's eyes, calling out the man who went toe-to-toe with him last year in a 29-minute long match where they both walked the cusp of utter destruction.

The crowd roared, and we saw the possibility of Undertaker and Triple H once again wreaking havoc in the squared circle. But then, something happened that may have been just as shocking, possibly even more than the Undertaker's return. Hunter dropped his anger stance, relaxed his muscular frame, looked Taker in the eye and patted him on the shoulder and simply walked away. A challenge, for what some in the locker room would consider an incredible opportunity, was declined by the former champion. 

The Undertaker stood in shock; still, no words were said. He made no attempt to stop Hunter from leaving the ring; he looked wide-eyed at him and watched him leave without an ounce of fear or regret.

If there were to be subtitles on the screen as this took place, the script might read something like this. 

Undertaker enters the ring and slowly moves around Triple H

"Well, Hunter, we meet again." - Undertaker

"Taker." - Triple H

Undertaker glances at the sign above.

"It's that time of year again; the streak must go on." - Undertaker

"I suppose it should." - Triple H

Undertaker slices his throat and stares Triple H in the eyes.

"I'm calling you out, King of Kings! Let's do this once more and each look Death in the eyes, one more time." - Taker

Triple H drops his stance, relaxes his frame and pats Taker on the shoulder

"You want me again? Good for you...good for you."

Triple H leaves and doesn't look back

"Kinda sad actually." - Triple H

Undertaker watches him leave

"What the..."

In years past where Shawn Michaels wanted one more shot at the streak, he went after Taker repeatedly until he granted The Heartbreak Kid one more shot. Are the tables turned here? Will The Undertaker have to seek out his prey and prod Triple H to face him one more time?

Is Hunter done with this match because he knows last time it nearly killed him, or is he more concerned that the last time he nearly had to kill Taker to end it and he's not willing to go that far? Is there far too much respect for The Deadman to be the one who walks that thin line between a match and just utter destruction?

This is the second big return in as many months, both with no words, yet the actions and messages that both have displayed have made Monday Night Raw and the WWE something to watch more like an episodic television series rather than a weekly sporting event. Nicely played, WWE. Haters gonna hate, but this stuff is quality.