Roy Oswalt Weighs Options, Boston Red Sox Still Have a Crack at the Free Agent?

Michael Nargi@NargOnSportsSenior Analyst IFebruary 1, 2012

Oswalt is weighing his options of where to pitch in 2012.
Oswalt is weighing his options of where to pitch in 2012.Len Redkoles/Getty Images

Roy Oswalt is having issues deciding where he wants to pitch in 2012. 

After saying that he wants to play for either the St. Louis Cardinals or Texas Rangers, he has seemed unhappy with their offers.

Oswalt is looking for a deal worth around $10 million, but the demand for him is not that high in St. Louis or in Texas. 

Both clubs have rotations that don't desperately need his services, but would find a place for him.

Boston, on the other hand, is a bit desperate to upgrade their pitching staff. 

The other pitcher they are pursuing is Edwin Jackson.  But there's uncertainty in Jackson's plans after the Red Sox made him an offer between $5-6 million.

Oswalt is at an impasse after basically writing off the Red Sox and making it clear he wanted to pitch closer to home.  Now he seems unhappy with the offers being proposed to him. 

He has shown his cards.  The Rangers and Cardinals know that he would rather pitch for them instead of for Boston. 

They understand that their offers do not have to compete with any of the East Coast teams.

Knowing this, the Red Sox might be inclined to up the offer to Oswalt, who's currently in limbo and seems to be confused about what he wants to do this year. 

If the Red Sox become players again in the three-team race for Oswalt, they might be able to sweep him up.

ESPN reported that Texas met with Oswalt on Monday.  The Cardinals remain in contact with him as well. 

The Red Sox should be debating whether to make another offer to entice him to consider Boston again.

Boston is in an interesting position here.  Should they wait for Oswalt to contact them again in hopes that he's so unhappy with the other offers that he accepts the original deal?

Or should Boston take the initiative and reach out to him with a couple million more dollars?

The way the Red Sox have been operating this offseason, I tend to believe that they will wait for Oswalt to come back to them.  This would reopen negotiations and perhaps lead to a deal.

If Boston does successfully sign Oswalt, it will be a result of the Rangers and Cardinals low-balling him, combined with his refusal to take less than his expected salary to play where he prefers.

Oswalt has the opportunity to pitch close to home like he wants, but does not want to take the offers that are on the table.  The 34-year-old free agent has some decisions to make.